Input sought for our new business column

Mar. 03, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Unemployment in Lee County is high, falling at a snail’s pace. The local economy — and many of the individuals and businesses that make it up — are struggling. Large retailers are few and far between.

This column will be published every Sunday to take a closer look at business here in Lee County, so get used to seeing my mugshot. But even more importantly, I’d ask you to not just read the column, but to interact with me about it.

If you open a business, or if you know of one that’s opening up in town, let me know. If your business is closing or moving, let me know. Building a new location or an addition to an existing location? Changing what you do? Selling to someone else? Going on a hiring spree? Convinced Target’s CEO to open a local branch? Let me know.

In addition to my tips from the community, luckily there are plenty of experts here in Lee County, many of whom are happy to lend their expertise and opinions to my reporting on business trends and developments. I hope to rely on non-experts, as well, because that’s where many stories come from. It stands to reason many of our readers will have much to offer.

The Herald already taps into that philosophy for our

See Input/Page B10

“Question of the Week” piece, for which fellow reporter Anna Johnson and I take turns asking people around town a question the newsroom comes up with at the start of the week. This past Thursday, I was at the post office asking folks what change they would make, if given the chance, to make the economy better.

Most said they had never thought about that, which is the one thing that feature can’t show — what people don’t want to be quoted as saying. But the people who did participate gave the same solution we’ve heard time and again when asking similar questions: more jobs.

So what new businesses do we have here in Lee County? Granted, a new business doesn’t always equal new jobs, but it at least offers a new opportunity or service to the community. I only got one applicable response in the lead up to this column, but I hope to find my inbox full of suggestions when I come back on Monday.

Open for business:

Pocket Creek Ranch, a horse boarding business with 20 acres located at 5372 Carbonton Road. Sanford, N.C., 27330. Basic boarding is $100 a month, plus extra costs for feed and additional services. Call owner Jay Anderson at (919) 727-7090 for more information about the ranch, which is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays and holidays.

Know of a business that’s opening, closing, moving, selling or otherwise changing? Email Will Doran at or call him at (919) 718-1217.