Blogger shares tips for savvy shopping

Mar. 13, 2014 @ 08:11 PM

About 30 people gathered to learn the ins and outs of using coupons Thursday at the annual luncheon of the Business and Professional Women of Sanford.

A couple of men even showed up to the lunch meeting at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center. The club’s president, Kelly Klug, said that was a testament to the topic of the day.

“Everybody wants to know how to save money,” she said.

The speaker was Faye Prosser, a blogger for WRAL-TV who writes about coupons and other money-saving shopping tips. Klug praised Prosser for making a career out of what had just been a skill set she developed to save money on her family’s budget, and Prosser said she’s just glad to help other women.

“As we all know, the cost of groceries is not getting any lower,” she told those assembled for her talk. “And I’m sure your paychecks are not skyrocketing.”

Not not all saving is done with coupons, she said. Some of it comes down to tracking prices for routinely purchased goods, using a spreadsheet or something similar. Then, at the store, a shopper can stock up when there’s a good price.

But using coupons definitely is still important, she said — so much so that when shopping without them, it’s “like you’re walking around the store with money flying out of your pocket.”

She said that in addition to finding coupons at the store, people should also look online — on Facebook, on coupon-specific websites and on the manufacturers’ websites — and also shouldn’t be afraid to call companies. Prosser said she called one company and complained that she hadn’t seen their coupons lately, and the company immediately gave her a voucher for a free product.

And, of course, newspapers contain many coupons — especially Sunday papers — Prosser said, and some cities even have clubs that get together to swap coupons.

Sanford doesn’t have such a group, but several women in the audience perked up when Prosser mentioned the possibility, and she said she’d be happy to include any local group on her blog if it does get started.