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Love is fixing things as well as dancing
Jun. 09, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

When I was growing up, Mama (Ruby Lett) would get frustrated with Daddy’s lack of “get up and go” when it came to repairing anything at the house or barns and Bud’s helplessness with mechanical issues with the car. In a huffy voice, she would advise me: “Whatever you do, don’t marry a man who won’t fix things.” 

After three decades of experimenting with candidates for a husband that would live up to mine and Mama’s expectations, I had given up on marriage. However, I enjoyed close relationships with several male friends.

In January 2007 I met a man at a dance who was handsome and charming and swept me off my feet, and within a month he had asked me to be his wife. While I felt my heart open up to Michael Yarborough’s romantic gestures, I was very impressed when he offered to help me clean up my house. When the vacuum cleaner didn’t work, he took the thing apart and fixed it. 

Wow, Michael danced, cleaned and fixed things … that combination was enough to make a girl’s heart soar!

During the next two years, Michael and I pooled talents and resources to remodel a 110-year-old farmhouse on the Lett family farm and to upgrade floors and roofs and plant dozens of flowers at the house I had bought near Broadway. Together with lots of construction workers and good friends, we got our house ready for an outdoor wedding and reception. 

As we approach our fourth year anniversary, Michael and I continue to work together to create order and beauty. Thanks to Michael’s ability to fix things and do yard work, we stay very busy with both pieces of property in addition to our full-time professional commitments. Yes, houses tend to own us!

This week as I think about the anniversary of Mama’s death on June 5 … eight years now ... and the observance of four years of marriage on June 6, I wish Mama had met Michael. She would have approved, especially if she saw him cleaning up the kitchen and vacuuming. Also, Mama would be shocked that I cook big meals for my husband several nights a week. I did get her cooking gene after all! 

While looking through wedding remembrances, I came across a poem my friend Arya Candace Gale, who recently married Bob Heath, wrote to me in honor of my marriage:

Poem to AlexSandra in Honor of Her Marriage to Michael

She journeyed from home to find meaning and purpose

To explore the world to see what was worth it.

(While at Home he waited )

  To leave small towns behind in search of fame

To become a brighter star and find a new name

(While at Home he waited)

  After a time her heart called her home

To return to her family and friends she had known

(And there he waited)

  Simplicity of living in a timeless time

A true purpose of giving a place to unwind

(And there he waited)

  She wrote of the place and the people she knew

And over time her appreciation grew

For that which was pure and that which was true

(And there he waited)

  It was time to dance and celebrate

Little did she know it was there he would wait

A dance, a glance, a dream come true

The prince that was waiting the One that she knew

My husband Michael looks like a prince in his tuxedo as we glide across the dance floor, but more importantly he has a servant’s heart. He cares about me so deeply that he is willing to fix anything in the house and yard, work on our cars, and deal with technological issues related to my computer, my printer, my DVD/VCR player and my cell phone.

While I am the creative wife and Michael is the practical husband, together we make a good team. Mama would be proud!    

AlexSandra Lett is a professional speaker and the author of “Natural Living, From Stress to Rest;” “A Timeless Place, Lett’s Set a Spell at the Country Store;” “Timeless Moons, Seasons of the Fields and Matters of the Heart;” “Timeless Recipes and Remedies, Country Cooking, Customs, and Cures;” and “Coming Home to my Country Heart, Timeless Reflections about Work, Family, Health, and Spirit.” Lett can be reached at (919) 258-9299 or LettsSetaSpell@aol.com.