Births announcements

May. 11, 2013 @ 07:00 PM

• Aaron Jonathan Guerra, born April 25, son of Meyvi Jackeline Guerra and Victor Manuel Guerra of Lillington. (CCH)

• Carmen Lin Hersey, born April 25, daughter of Caitlin Cristeene Hersey and Joseph Diwayne Hersey of Broadway. Grandparents are Rhonda Kay and Jerry Daniels of Georgia, Dennis Paul Howell of Maryland, Teresa Hersey and Mitch Furmage of St. Paul, and Jim Cummings of Broadway. (CCH)

• Kaydin Lawerance Burr, born April 26, son of Beth Duvall and Greg Burr of Broadway. (CCH)

• Mason Douglas Jolley, born April 27, son of Teena and Steven Jolley of Sanford. Grandparents are Rex and Margaret Gray of Sanford, and Texanne Jolley, Joe Byers and the late Larry Jolley, all of Forest City. (CCH)

• Jordy Johnson Rosas, born April 29, son of Rebecca Johnson of Lillington. Grandparent is Cheryl Bird of Sanford. (CCH)

• D’Ivyion Josaline McLean, born April 30, daughter of Deidre Jamel McLean and Kendrel Saunders of Sanford. Grandparent is Arlene B. McLean of Sanford. (CCH)

• Cordera San’chevas Belk Jr., born April 30, son of Latasha T. Belk and Cordera S. Belk of Sanford. (CCH)

• Lillie Ann Kincaid, born May 1, daughter of Angela and Nicholas Kincaid of Sanford. Grandparents are Joe and Phyllis Parsons of Michigan, Gloria Sasser of Michigan and Kenneth Kincaid of Texas. (CCH)