Enrichment Center calendar

Dec. 27, 2012 @ 05:12 PM

Boomer, Senior, Family Caregiver and Veteran events for the Week of Dec. 26-Jan. 1


9 a.m. Exercise with Kathy McLeod-Edwards

10 a.m. NO Brick Capital Line Dancers 

10:30 a.m. Let’s Talk with Mayor Cornelia Olive

11 a.m. Exercise, Word Search and Puzzles in Diner’s Club 

5:30 p.m. Fitness Room Orientation


8:30 a.m. Yoga with Kathy 

10 a.m. BINGO in Diner’s Club

11 a.m. Extra BINGO in Diner’s Club 

12:30 p.m. Canasta Club


7 p.m. NO Saturday Nite Dance Group 


8:30 a.m. Yoga with Kathy McLeod-Edwards

10:30 a.m. Bible Study 

11 a.m. Word Search and Puzzles in Diner’s Club

11 a.m. New Year’s Party in Diner’s Club 

2 p.m. Dixie Line Dancers

5:30 p.m. NO Low Impact Aerobics 

6:45 p.m. NO Ballroom Dance Class


Enrichment Center Closed in Observance of New Year’s Day