Dec. 07, 2013 @ 07:00 PM

• Trinity Rose White, born Oct. 29, daughter of Walker White II and Jamie Wright of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Camden Conrad Smith, born Oct. 29, son of Justin Brett Smith and Elizabeth Kelly Smith of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Desirae Margaret Renee Gordon, born Nov. 21, daughter of Jeannie M. Gordon and Timothy James Edward Gordon of Siler City. Grandparents are Sheila Roark of Siler City, Shane Barth of Pittsboro, and Timothy and Geneva Gordon of Bear Creek. (CCH)

• Jase Goodwin, born Nov. 21, son of Julie and Boe Goodwin of Moncure. Grandparents are Jennifer Moore and Jimmy Lewter of Apex, and Cindy Goodwin and Marc Goodwin, both of Moncure. (CCH)

• Gemariyah Hudiyah Yseayl, born Nov. 21, son of Danica Amber Smith and Arsenio Marcel Caldwell of Sanford. Grandparents are Deitre Smith, Samuel Sanders, Aretha Caldwell and Kevin Caldwell, all of Pennsylvania. (CCH)

• Kloey Diane Ballard, born Nov. 21, daughter of Amanda Dawn Everett and Kevin Wayne Ballard of Sanford. Grandparents are James and Mildred Haire, and Diane Lynch, all of Sanford, and Wayne Ballard of Lillington. (CCH)

• Makayla Sade Boone, born Nov. 22, daughter of DeRecee Richmond and Keith Boone of Sanford. Grandparents are Della Dunbar, Archie Blue and Deborah Boone, all of Sanford, and Keith Boone of Raleigh. (CCH)

• Nevaeh Lynn Hudson, born Nov. 25, daughter of Samantha L. Thomas and James Alvin Hudson of Sanford. Grandparents are Angela and Billy Ray Thomas, Ann Shorb and Lee Hudson. (CCH)

• Cayla Williamson, born Nov. 25, daughter of Renita and Mark Williamson of Sanford. Grandparents are Sue and Rick Teachout of Tennessee and Barbara and James Williamson of Sanford. (CCH)

• Royne Tristan Pearce Rodriguez, born Nov. 25, son of Bobbie and Teddy Rodriguez of Broadway. Grandparents are Lillian and Kenneth King of Broadway, Susan Pittman of California and Cecilio Rodriguez of Broadway. (CCH)

• Rae Ann Bujno, born Nov. 26, daughter of Tashina M. Murphy-Bujno and Chester J. Bujno of Lillington. Grandparents are Diane and Bruce Murphy of Cameron and Shirley Bujno of Mississippi. (CCH)

• Connor Evan Vick, born Nov. 26, son of Sarah Catherine and Dennis Wayne Vick Jr. of Broadway. Grandparents are Christine and David Pellum, Mike Rackley, Dennis Vick, and Ruth and James Whitaker, all of Sanford. (CCH)

• Lindsey Nicole Gonzalez, born Nov. 26, daughter of Maria Barcenas and Jesus Gonzalez of Sanford. (CCH)

• Alisea Madison Maribelle Boyd, born Nov. 27, daughter of Jennifer Castonguay Boyd and Joseph Frank Boyd of Cameron. Grandparents are Bruce Castonguay and Brenda Johnson, both of Sanford, and Roger Dean Boyd and Brenda Kelly Boyd of Cameron. (CCH)

• Ariel Latrice Tomlinson, born Nov. 27, daughter of Gabrielle Latrice McKay and Aubrey Laquin Tomlinson. (CCH)

• Sebastian Luca Lupacchino, born Nov. 28, son of Naomi M. and Michael G. Lupacchino of Fayetteville. Grandparents are Audrey and Kent Jacques of Arkansas, Noel Helm of Kentucky, Sonia and Jeff Barber of Virginia and Michael A. Lupacchino of Connecticut. (CCH)