The Bible Speaks

Show Him you love Him
Jan. 06, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

“O love the Lord all you His saints.” Psalm 31:23a

Today’s text gives a simple command that deserves more thought than most might give. Most would consider love an emotion that all true saints (believers) should feel, yet this short verse is not a plea for emotion but a command for action. Love is an action and is carried out through words and deeds. It may be felt in the heart, but it is not necessary to have the feelings of love to love someone. Love is a choice; a choice to show forth a willingness to do what is in the best interest of the one that is loved. And, when it comes to loving God, it is a choice to DO what love always does: spend time with the loved One.

There is no one I know who has ever been in love with another and not wanted to spend time with them. A LOT of time with them! My wife was a student at UNC and I was a student at the University of Maryland when we first met one summer on a beach project with Campus Crusade for Christ. I got to know her over the summer and realized that she was someone I wanted to pursue. I loved spending time with her and did all I could to make the long drive from College Park to Chapel Hill anytime I could get away. The time between visits was spent in letter writing and phone calls. Time with her was my most cherished past time because I loved her. Gifts were fine, as were words of love, but nothing was as appreciated as time spent together.

Love for the Lord should be no different. If you truly love your Savior you will want to spend time with him. Time for a Christian is spelled: BIBLE READING and PRAYER. When you read the Bible, you are listening to God speak to you. When you pray, you are speaking to Him. A relationship is built when two people spend time together communicating from their heart. Such communication cannot be sporadic or hastened if a deep and lasting relationship is sought. Love cannot survive without heart-to-heart talks. If you love the Lord, you will spend time with Him and learn all you can of His ways and His heart. You will do this because you want to please Him, doing only that which would warm His heart and bless His Name.

The Bible speaks of loving the Lord as an action that should come from all who call themselves His children. The amount of time you spend in His presence and thinking of Him is a reflection of the level of love you have for Him. Do you love the Lord? Would others notice it from the amount of time you spend with your Bible and in prayer? Don’t just tell Him you love Him, show Him. Love is spelled T-I-M-E.

The Rev. Bruce MacInnes is pastor of Turner’s Chapel.