The Bible Speaks

Church is the pillar and support of the truth
Jul. 14, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

“the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15b

If there is one thing for certain, it is that things will certainly change. Growing up the in the 50’s and 60’s I walked to school each day in school clothes; walked home and changed into play clothes; went to the kitchen where mom, who was home every afternoon, served milk and cookies and told us when supper would be on the table. After supper we watched an hour of cartoons (if our homework was done) and then went off to bed to read or quietly play until lights out. I admit I sometimes got my flashlight and read Hardy Boys mysteries under the covers. Today almost no one walks to and from school, comes home to a mom in the kitchen, eats together as a family at home, watches only an hour of something on TV and plays quietly in the room or reads a book at night. Things have certainly changed.

It is understandable and necessary for some things in life to change. Some change is good, but there are morals and values, principles and precepts that should never change. These are timeless and unshakeable because they are given to us by an unchanging God. Is there anyone who lives by these unchanging truths? If so, where would we find them? We should find them in the church, the pillar and support of the truth. The church, wholly guided by the timeless truths of the Bible, is to be the anchor for our society and the bedrock for our nation. People should be attending Bible believing churches, reading daily God’s word and endeavoring to live out biblical truth by the grace of Christ given to all who have been born again.

There is much confusion in our country today. Our leaders are telling us that the unborn do not have the right to live if their mom doesn’t want them to, and that marriage should be defined by courts to say that any two (or three or more) people who “love” each other can marry. They are telling us that we should treat men who think they are women as women, businesses and adoption agencies that won’t cater to such foolishness as unfit to do business, and valedictorians who want to publicly thank God for their accomplishments as dangerous rebels whose voice must be silenced.

Who will speak up for the truth? Who will declare the unchanging values of family, faith and freedom? It must be the church! The pulpits of our country need to become the spokesman for what is right and wrong. It has become painfully obvious that it won’t be the President, the Congress or the Court.

The Bible speaks of the church as the guardian of truth and the place where it can always be heard. If our churches cease to proclaim the truth and bow down to the politically correct winds of Washington, heaven help us. Dear reader, pray for your pastor and your church to do its duty and be the pillar and support of truth in a topsy-turvy world. Amen.

The Rev. Bruce MacInnes is pastor of Turner’s Chapel.