Oct. 12, 2013 @ 07:00 PM

• Emorie Diane Chippewa, born Aug. 21, daughter of Jordan and Joseph Bloodworth of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Jacob Easton Kearns, born Aug. 30, son of Josh and Lori Kearns of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Ronan Hunter Oglesbee, born Sept. 9, son of Jimmy Oglesbee and Christina Baker of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Ava Jean Raymond, born Sept. 12, daughter of Eric J. Raymond and Leanne S. Raymond of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Allie Grace Capps, born Sept. 13, daughter of Cindy and Brandon Capps of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Elizabeth Carrol McAden, born Sept. 26, daughter of Dominick C. McAden of Sanford. Grandparents are Kathy Taylor, James Taylor and Jimmie Harrington, all of Sanford. (CCH)

• Nayelis Glenisse Rodriguez, born Sept. 26, daughter of Naiomy Rodriguez and Leonardo Rodriguez-Sanchez of Sanford. Grandparents are Leonardo Rodriguez, Raul Concepcion, Linda Sanchez and Glenda Rios. (CCH)

• Nixxon Edward Patterson, born Sept. 29, son of Sandy Ann Salmon and Jason Edward Patterson of Sanford. Grandparents are Elbert and Faye Salmon, and Theresa and Charles Edward Patterson. (CCH)

• Caleb James Bailey, born Oct. 1, son of Stephanie and Roy Bailey Jr. of Sanford. Grandparents are Ben and Lisa Leggett, Angela Thomas and the late Roy Bailey Sr., all of Sanford. (CCH)

• Jayden DeGraffenreaidt, born Oct. 4, son of Brittany Scotten and Joshua DeGraffenreaidt. Grandparents are Lou DeGraffenreaidt of Sanford, Sherlene Womble and Jerry DeGraffenreaidt, both of Goldston, and the late Jeff Scotten. (CCH)

• Ava Grace Larsen, born Oct. 4, daughter of Angie M. and Niels S. Larsen of Harnett County. Grandparents are Steve and Patricia McConnell of Newton, and Charlie and Rena Tucker of Kannapolis. (CCH)

• Sheila Arleah Woodard, born Oct. 4, daughter of Erica Koszewski and Randy Woodard of Sanford. Grandparents are Jennifer Welch, Sheila Woodard and Henry Graham, all of Sanford, and Edward Koszewski of Pennsylvania. (CCH)

• Annalee Nicole Salmon, born Oct. 5, daughter of Rachel Campbell and Curtis Salmon II of Sanford. (CCH)