Feb. 16, 2013 @ 04:00 PM

• Kayden Cash Krohn, born Jan. 25, son of John and Lauren Krohn of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Briana Elizabeth Sherman, born Jan. 31, daughter of Justin David Sherman and Anita Jane Sherman of Sanford. (FirstHealth)

• Eli Patrick Quick, born Feb. 1, son of Chris and Katie Quick of Rockingham. (FirstHealth)

• Lilly Grace Kopp, born Feb. 4, daughter of Rainy Marie Ogletree and Tyler Michael Kopp of Sanford. Grandparents are Christina Winkler, Russel and Carolyn Underwood, Tammy and Jeffrey Kopp, and Lisa Crawford, all of Sanford. (CCH)

• Caroline Isabella Bourassa, born Feb. 4, daughter of Christine Ann Peeden and Daniel David Bourassa Jr. of Cameron. (CCH)

• Rylan Kelly Brown, born Feb. 6, daughter of Kayla and Ryan Brown of Broadway. Grandparents are Christy and Chad McInnis of Broadway, Kelly Cockman of Linden and Hal Brown of Mamers. (CCH)

• Stella Virginia Shepherd, born Feb. 9, daughter of Adriana and Mike Shepherd of Pittsboro. Grandparents are Rita Scardina of Pittsboro, Elio Galle of Venezuela, and Jeanette and Ken Ng of Willow Spring. (CCH)

• Kristiana Simmone Kelly, born Feb. 9, daughter of Shaquanna Simmone Kelly. Grandparents are Frances Lucas of Lillington and Archie Ray of Sanford. (CCH)