The Bible Speaks

God uses humble men
Jan. 27, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

“Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth.” Num. 12:3

In the 32nd chapter of Exodus we learn of Aaron, Moses’ brother, who had led the children of Israel into the sin of idolatry just after God had given them the Ten Commandments. Moses, coming down from meeting with God on Mt. Sinai, in anger throws the two tablets of the law, breaking them in pieces, and proceeds to demand punishment. The very next day, however, he is back on the mountain of God pleading with the Lord to forgive the people even if it meant he himself would bear their punishment. Is it any wonder that God would choose Moses to lead His people from Egypt to the Promised Land? Moses had the one quality absolutely necessary to God for leadership in His kingdom: humility.

When you scan the Bible for God’s heroes, you will not find many men who are flawless and fully righteous. David had his many sins and failings; Abraham had great faith but also failed to exercise that faith on occasion; Peter, the “rock” of the church, was a marshmallow in the courtyard of Pilate when he was identified as a follower of Christ and he hastily denied it. Perfect men were never God’s heroes; nor men whose faith never failed. The men that God chose consistently and used constantly were men of humility; men that would readily confess their sin; men who put others and others interests above their own. There is no doubt about it, God uses humble men.

Why is humility so very important to God? It’s important because it is so very necessary to Him. He cannot use a man who thinks he is worthy of His choice. A man who has pride is one who is filled with too much of himself and self thwarts God’s work as nothing else does. Self does not depend upon God; nor admit when it is wrong or call out for God’s help when needed. Pride shuts God out, boasting that it alone is sufficient for the task. Pride was the root sin in the Garden and it is the prevailing sin in the ministry.

The Bible speaks of the men whom God uses as being humble men. The strongest man is the one who is fully aware of his weaknesses and wholly dependent upon God for all things great and small. God’s heroes are not great men in the eyes of this world but are considered great in the eyes of God and will be counted as such in the roll call of heaven.

The Rev. Bruce MacInnes is pastor of Turner’s Chapel.