People@Work: Mark Hackett

Mar. 08, 2013 @ 03:27 PM

Name: Mark Hackett


Position: Community coordinator at HAVEN in Lee County


What is your favorite movie? "Bend It Like Beckham"

What is your favorite book? "Catcher In the Rye" by J.D. Salinger.

Is there an item or collectible you hold dear? United States collectible quarters

Where would someone be most likely to find you on a Saturday night? At home

What was your dream job when you were a child? Law enforcement officer

What are some of your favorite things? Listening to music

What would be your last meal? Steak and jambalaya

Who would be your ideal dinner guest? (Name three) Bruce Lee, Niccolò Machiavelli and Mahatma Gandhi

Ideal vacation spot: Puerto Rico

Favorite professional sports team: New York Knicks

If you were given $5,000 to donate to non-profit organization, which would you pick? HAVEN in Lee County

What's the worst injury you've ever had? An eye injury

Ever had a brush with a celebrity? Yes, Brian Dennehy

What's your favorite website? YouTube, because it's entertaining

Would you go bungee jumping or skydiving? Skydiving

Do you have a tattoo? No

Ever been outside the United States? Yes, Mongolia, El Salvador, Germany, Panama and Egypt

Did you have a childhood nickname? kiddo

Favorite kind of cookie? Chocolate chip

Favorite season? Spring, it's not too hot and not too cold.

What's the hardest thing you've ever had to tell someone? That their loved one had died

Would you consider plastic surgery if someone else paid for it? No

Which actor would portray you in a movie about your life? Terrence Howard

What’s your usual wake-up time in the morning? 5 a.m.

Ever seen a ghost? Casper the friendly ghost

What superhero power would most like to have? Speed (Flash’s power).

What was your favorite TV show when you were growing up? "The Electric Company"

Favorite band or musical artist? Seal

To keep the stars on the flag nice and even, which state should be traded for Puerto Rico? Iowa

Favorite dessert? Chocolate cake, with chocolate with hot fudge

Who is your best friend and why? Alfredo Fiestas — we've been friends since high school, and he gives good advice.

You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late one more time, you get fired. What do you do? Save the dog and make the front page of The Sanford Herald newspaper, and my boss would have to forgive me.

If you could go back in time and change one historic event what would it be? Death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What's your favorite condiment? Pickles

Do you have bumper stickers of any kind on your car? No

If you could never hear the music of one musical artist ever again, which would it be? Backstreet Boys

If you could create one rule that all society had to live by, what would it be? Help others in need.

How do you define success? By the happiness in one's life.

Ever wondered why Kamikaze pilots wore helmets? No, because it was part of their uniform

Hamburger or pizza? Pizza

Describe your life philosophy in six words or less: Adventurous, bountiful, exciting, happiness.