Club news

Mar. 10, 2013 @ 04:00 PM


The Sanford Brush & Palette Club recently met with President Doug Rowe presiding. Rowe again thanked past president Carolyn Chipman for her service and the excellent job she did during her tenure.

Karen Tatum presented the treasurer’s report, including the receipt of an $850 grant from the Lee County Arts Council. Fred Von Cannon has purchased and donated a booth for the B&P Club members to sell their artwork at the upcoming Arts & Vine Festival in memory of his mother, Becky Von Cannon, who was an active member of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club. Tony Staninas offered his findings toward the purchasing display cases for three-dimensional artists to display their work in at the annual art show, which was announced as being Oct. 19-26, 2013.

Two upcoming workshops were introduced. Doug Rowe will conduct a color mixing workshop where participants will learn about how light works, how we see color, understanding pigment in media and how to match a color flawlessly with paint, on Thursday Feb. 21 and 28. A second workshop, Oil Layering, will be presented March 7-April 25 and will guide the participant from start to finish on how to create still life painting with incredible depth and luminosity. The Color Mixing Class is a pre-requisite for the Oil Layering class as participants will be using the color mixing principles in the layering class. The Oil Layering class is $200 with an additional $15 materials fee. Both workshops will be offered at the Art Studio, fourth floor above Shops at Steele Street, 102 Steele St.

Carolyn Chipman announced that renowned artist Joe DiGuilio will conduct an abstract workshop on March 21-23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This workshop will also be located at the Art Studio. The total cost of the three-day workshop will be $225. A $100 deposit will be due by March 1.

B&P members at work in the community included Dr. Gael Hogan, who worked with 27 students from Benhaven Elementary to hang a display at the Central Carolina Hospital through February. John Wicker conducted an after-school watercolor workshop for members of the Lee County High School art club. Tony Staninas worked with a group of Lee County High School art students who expressed an interest in woodcarving.

B&P Club member Louisa Heffelfinger will exhibit work at the Temple Theatre March 28 through April 14 during the showing of “Smell of the Kill.” Diana Atkins discussed the club producing a cookbook as a fundraiser that will feature club members’ favorite recipes as well as their artwork. Ruth Chandler shared the donation of 40 art instruction books by B&P member Arlene Lockwood to the club. Artists were asked to donate work toward fundraisers for the Stevens Center Valentine’s Dinner and Auction and the Sanford Rotary Club Valentine’s Event. Jitterbug’s Café was soliciting artists to display their work at the business.


President Alan Dossenbach opened the Feb. 26 meeting of The Rotary Club of Sanford and called on Amber Cameron to lead the Rotary Prayer. Tom Spence directed the group in the singing of “Row Your Boat.” Denver McFarland, with Pinehurst Resort, was the guest of Rotarian David Foster. Sam Sillaman won the 50/50 raffle ($12). Under announcements, Alan Dossenbach announced that Dan Harrington’s wife will be the manager of the new Walmart Express.

Under “Bragging,” James Mitchell bragged on Sanford native Aaron Mellette, who was featured on TV during the NFL professional tryout combine recently. Lynn Sadler bragged on the search for just the right picture to represent the Gala in next Sunday’s Sanford Herald. She had selected one but received wonderful additional information when she shared it with Doug Mikesell and had to expand the caption to this: The Sanford Rotary Club’s Feb. 16th Sixth Annual Gala (“For the Love of Charity”) worked just the way it should! Rockie Dillon is very pleased that her auction bid took the computer she is giving to the Center for Independent Living. It was donated by member Doug Mikesell, of Home Computing Tune-Ups, who will install and provide a free lesson with it. All proceeds of the Gala support local charities and Rotary International Projects.

Rotary Club of Sanford International Director Mitch Reese, MD, introduced, Terry Brown, Director of Stop Hunger Now. Brown shared that he loves kids, and as a native from Erie, Pa., has always worked with children. He began his program by thanking Rotarians and The Rotary Club of Sanford specifically, for the role that Rotary plays in the success of Stop Hunger Now. Rotary is responsible for 12 percent of all Stop Hunger Meals worldwide, totaling 88 million meals. Terry Brown said, “You do not know the impact of what you are doing. You are helping those who are less fortunate, mostly children that you will never meet.” He posed the question, “What is a hero?” It is someone doing something for others, helping their fellow man, and is not looking for recognition. Stop Hunger Now is an international organization that prepares packaged meals for children who receive the meals at school. This is a dual purpose: 1) first to feed a child a good meal, likely the only meal they will have that day, and 2) second, entice families to send their children to school so that they will receive an education. The healthy meals give the children nutrients to keep them well and nourished. The Stop Hunger Now packaging event is a gathering sponsored by an organization, like Rotary, where the food materials are brought in to be assembled. Stop Hunger Now has distributed support to 78 countries, of which 48 countries receive meals. Other support includes clothing, computers, medical supplies, school materials and school buildings.

President Alan Dossenbach thanked Speaker Terry Brown, and told him that, in appreciation, a bi-lingual children’s book will be donated in his name to the Lee County Library. Jeff Clark led the Pledge of Allegiance; Joy Gilmore, the Four-Way Test.


President Ed Mishler opened the March 4 meeting of the San-Lee Sunrise Rotary with the Quote of the Week: “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But then I repeat myself.” — Mark Twain.

Andy Manhardt led the Rotary invocation, and Charles Oldham led the Pledge of Allegiance. Rotary guests Mark Zeringue, Area 10 Assistant District Governor and President of Siler City Rotary, and Alan Dossenbach, President of Sanford Rotary, were recognized, along with club guest Matt Matthews. Make-ups were given for Nicolle Phair, Nolan Williams and Ed Mishler for Character Plus classes March 1 at J.R. Ingram Elementary School.

In “Good News,” Sheriff Tracy Carter announced his 25th anniversary, and Mark Zeringue announced his wife is embarking on a two-week mission trip with Mercy Ships. Andy Manhardt is hopeful his son might move from Pittsburgh, and Ed Mishler reveled in the Purdue win over Wisconsin in basketball.

In “Club News,” San-Lee Sunrise Rotary is helping sponsor Stop Hunger Now on March 16 at the Lee County Fairgrounds. There will be two shifts — 10-12 and 12-2. Stop Hunger Now supplies food to schools in impoverished countries with the idea that parents will make sure their children go to school to get a nourishing meal at least once a day. There will be a Rotary Peace Symposium held in Chapel Hill on April 5. The San-Lee Sunrise meeting on March 11 will be a club assembly.

Bill Ray introduced Bob Bridwell, head of Planning and Community Development for Sanford, Broadway and Lee County, for a program sharing ideas from the recent Lee County Economic Development Summit and ideas for the continuing economic development of Lee County and the two county municipalities.

Bridwell concluded his program by talking about some of the coming development around the Tramway community and taking questions from attending Rotarians.

President Mishler closed the meeting with the Four Way Test and the thought, “Generally speaking, you’re not learning a whole lot while your mouth is moving.”


At a recent regional meeting of Antique Automobile Club of America, North Carolina President Jeff Oaks presented Anthony Bright of the San-Lee Chapter the David Hinkle Award.

This award is presented annually at the business meeting to recognize the region’s most outstanding member. The winner’s name is engraved on a permanent trophy that is displayed at the Transportation Museum in Spencer, N.C. The recipient receives a small wall plaque as a lasting memento.

Bright’s son Nathan, who is a member of the San Lee Chapter, and President Peter Wilberg were present at the presentation. Bright’s oldest son Wally is in the process of joining the club. Anthony and Nathan Bright are helping plan this year’s June 1 car show at the Depot Park, which will include Classics to Customs.


President Ron Minter presided over the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Lee County held at The Flame Restaurant on Feb. 27. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by Martha Lucas and the invocation was given by Sally Porter. Project fund tickets were sold by Drew Lucas and the winner was Martha Lucas. Happy dollars came from Martha Lucas, Sally Porter, Ron Minter, Patricia Deffenbaugh, Denny Woodruff and Tim Copas.

President Minter thanked everyone for volunteering to man the concession stand on Saturday mornings during the Sanford Area Soccer League (SASL) games that began March 2. Announcements included: March is collection month for Coats for Kids; April will have a joint clean-up day with the AKtion Kiwanis Club; Monday, March 4, will be bowling with the AKtion Club, and the Kiwanis Scholarship committee will soon be reviewing college scholarship applications. Minter also thanked Drew Lucas for accepting the position as the club’s treasurer effective April 30. David Caplan, John Payne, Ron Minter and Patricia Deffenbaugh volunteered to form an inner-club meeting on March 12 with the Seven Lakes Kiwanis Club. The team of April Montgomery, Patricia Deffenbaugh, Linda Moore and Denny Woodruff with Margaret Murchison as alternate will be competing in this year’s annual Delta Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma’s Spelling Bee on Monday night, March 25, where the proceeds will go to support to support Delta Rho’s Beginning Life with Books Program.

Drew Lucas introduced Bob Joyce, President of the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce and the speaker for the day. Before beginning his talk, Joyce introduced Indira Everett, new District Manager at Duke Energy. Prepared with a spreadsheet that compared the facts and figures for Sanford with other cities and towns our size, Joyce explained that this information was compiled from recent census data. Our town/county leadership and economic development leaders are forever analyzing the best ways to benchmark ourselves against these other similar communities and being aware of these strengths and weaknesses is the way to move forward with an improved community through our people, businesses and resources.

The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the Kiwanis Defining Statement.


The Sanford Kiwanis Club met Feb. 28. After the opening prayer led by Mike Laudate and the Pledge of Allegiance, Club President-Elect Ed Garrison asked for Spiritual Aims.

Happy bucks were given by Ed Garrison for Marylee Dutton’s work on the recent Ladies Night and for the club’s Character Plus program. Neal Kightlinger gave a happy buck for the nine club members who participated in the Character Plus program.

Announcements were made reminding members of the March 12 regional Kiwanis meeting at Seven Lakes. Also, there will be another Character Plus meeting on Monday, March 4, at Deep River Elementary School. 

Mike Laudate reminded members of the upcoming golf tournament to be held May 9.

Kiwanian Seth Cox introduced Lloyd Jennings as the evening’s speaker. Jennings grew up south of Huntsville, Ala., and received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Auburn University. During the summers, he worked for Thiokol Corp. and was involved in the manufacture of solid propellant rocket motors. 

After graduation and serving active duty in the U.S. Air Force, Jennings was rehired by Thiokol and worked in engineering for a few years. He then accepted a job with Hercules Inc., where he worked for 32 years. His assignments included research, development and production of solid propellant rocket motors for various missiles, including the spacecraft launch vehicles. He also worked on the re-design of the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters.

Jennings, who presented photos and details about the space program, gave his opinions for the future of space flight, including: There should only be justifiable missions. Unmanned, expendable vehicles should be used as much as possible. The new vehicle should be designed by starting with a “clean sheet of paper” because there are new materials and new manufacturing concepts. Bids should be obtained from at least three contractors. Consideration should be given to management by the Air Force or privatization of the program.


The February meeting of the Johnsonville Ruritan Club meeting was called to order by President Polly Bouldin. Members sang “America” and “Happy Birthday” for three Ruritan members. The Rev George Brice gave the invocation, after which Bouldin introduced guest speaker Frances Garvey-Irwin.

Following the meal, roll was called with 35 active members, one honorary member present and six members absent.

Secretary Carol Battersby read the minutes of the January meeting. They were approved with correction. Treasurer Tom Davis read the financial report for January. The report was approved and filed for audit. The month’s program was presented by Frances Garvey-Irwin, who gave a report concerning tax changes for 2013.

Committee reports — Citizenship and Patriotism: Tom Davis reported that the club is still selling pavers for the Veterans Memorial. Environment: Debra Taylor reported that 352 pounds of materials had been recycled in January. She also stated that any items donated to a Thrift Store would be counted as recycled, and that a monthly poundage count of food items would be sent to Ruritan National. Public Service: Louise Jensen reported that she sent a letter to the Department of Transport requesting a community sign at the junction of Highway 24/27. Tom Davis suggested putting up a sign on non-county property (site to be determined later). Louise Jensen stated that the Pancake and Sausage fundraiser breakfast would be from 8-10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 16. She asked each member to sell five tickets and to sign up to work that day. Social Development: A sign-up sheet went around for Holder meals. Members were encouraged to visit Harnett County Library on March 17 for a musical program by the Southwind Celtic Trio, hosted by the Friends of the Library. Rob Malone stated that he would organize visits to Liberty Commons.

Old business: It was reported that 631 people attended the National Convention this year. Changes were made in the by-laws and they were voted upon. It was noted that Ruritan needs revitalization and new member growth. New Business: Polly Bouldin read a thank you note from the Red Cross for supplies sent to recovering troops in Afghanistan. She reported that the Board of Directors voted to award $100 toward the Michael Rodriguez Scholarship Fund, $300 toward the Back Pack Buddy Program, $200 to Overhills JROTC for attending Veterans and Memorial Day programs, and $100 to the CCCC Foundation. A raffle for two wooden cutout plaques, made by John Schneider, and many Valentine Teddy bears, donated by Kay Matthews, was held; $42 was raised. Uche Ehiogu, Merlene Anderson and Sharon Reynolds were installed as members. Johnny Taylor was presented with a pin for 28 years of perfect attendance at Ruritan meetings. Marie Taylor was awarded a pin for eight years of perfect attendance at Ruritan meetings. A new Ruritan sign will be purchased for the front of the Community Building. Louise Jensen will send a letter to the D.O.T. requesting a speed survey in the Johnsonville area. Polly Bouldin read thank you notes from the Holder and Darroch families for food baskets and a note of appreciation from Amanda Holochwost for the scholarship awarded last summer. Members recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


Are you wanting to learn to quilt? Hearts and Hands ECA Quilters Guild meet two Saturdays a month at the McSwain Center and throughout the year host quilting workshops. If you are interested in learning to quilt, call N.C. Cooperative Extension in Lee County at (919) 775-5624 

TOPS #NC 218

TOPS #NC 218 Sanford (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) meets on Mondays with weigh-in at 5:30 p.m. and meeting at 6 p.m. at the First Baptist Church, 202 Summit Drive. Call Margaret Shepherd at (919) 258-6910 or James King at (919) 258-6233. 


The Al-Anon Family Groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experiences, strength and hope in order to solve their common problems. Al-Anon believes that alcoholism is a family illness and that changed attitudes can aid recovery. 

The Sanford, N.C., District 7, Central Carolina Al-Anon family group meetings are held on Tuesdays from 8-9 p.m. at the Jonesboro United Methodist Church, 407 W. Main St., on Thursdays from noon-1 p.m. and on Fridays from 8-9 p.m. at the AA Building, 319 N. Moore St.


The North Carolina Christian Cyclists #129 meet at the Golden Corral the first Saturday of the month from 9-9:30 a.m. for breakfast and from 9:30-10:30 a.m. for the meeting. Weather permitting, a chapter ride follows the meeting. Newcomers are welcome. The chapter serves western Lee County and Harnett County.


Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women that share a desire to quit drinking. The Central Carolina Group meets at 319 Moore St., Sanford. Meeting times include: Monday – Saturday at noon, Sunday – Saturday at 6 p.m. and Fridays at 8 p.m. All meetings at Moore Street are open to the public except the Tuesday 12 and 6 p.m. and the Thursday 6 p.m. meetings. The Anonymity Group meets at Jonesboro Methodist Church, 407 W. Main St., Sanford, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 p.m. (919) 776-5522.