Contracts with county could benefit Broadway

May. 18, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Three interlocal agreements could bolster Broadway’s budget by more than $70,000 if approved Monday by the Lee County Board of Commissioners.

Lee County Commissioners will discuss three contracts with the town, among other items, at its meeting at the Lee County Government Center, 116 Hillcrest Drive. The meeting begins at 4:30 p.m.

The money generated by the interlocal agreements would help Broadway recoup some of the revenue lost when the Lee County Commissioners voted to change the sales tax distribution method in April.

According to Broadway Manager Bob Stevens, Broadway lost at least $100,000 in sales tax revenue with the change, but the interlocal agreements would recover some of those funds.

The county reviewed all of its interlocal agreements with the town and the city of Sanford to determine what was fair and equitable for all parties, Stevens said.“When we looked at the service and aid we were giving the county, everyone felt like if our people were going to do that, there needed to be some compensation,” Stevens said.

If the accords are approved Monday, the county would give $60,000 to the town for deputizing their police officers and $15,000 for the town’s assistance with animal control. Under the third agreement, the town agrees to pay the county $4,500 for tax collections — a $2,000 increase from previous years.

The sheriff requested that Broadway Chief Todd Hinnant have his officers deputized so they can make arrests in the county as well in the town, Stevens said.

If the Broadway Police officers are the first on the scene of an incident outside of town limits, they have jurisdiction and can make arrests, he said. Broadway has always done this, Stevens said, but they will now be compensated for their assistance this fiscal year, which begins July 1.

Broadway has also adopted the county’s animal ordinance, and the town’s police officers have handled all animal control duties except in cases where a vicious animal was reported, Stevens said.

Regardless of the commissioners’ actions Monday, “We are still not there,” Stevens said. “We are cutting our budget by 7 percent [even] with the interlocal agreements.”

Broadway and Lee County commissioners will discuss their proposed budgets for fiscal year 2013-2014 during their respective meetings Monday.

Other agenda items include:

* Setting 6 p.m. June 17 as the public hearing to establish new fire districts.

* A transportation plan that will allow organizations to apply for various federally funded grant programs. The plan is set to be presented by Triangle J Council of Government Senior Planner Matthew Day.

* Write-off of 10-year delinquent taxes.

* Revising the fees and charges for the Parks and Recreation Department. According to the agenda, the “minimal” increases will enhance customer service through more efficient registration processes. The field rental increase will help provide necessary resources for the upkeep at the Tramway Road Park due to heavy demand for weekend tournaments.

* A resolution opposing House Bill 870. The bill would require all closed sessions, save for personal matters, be recorded with video or audio equipment and saved for two years. The bill is unnecessary, the proposed resolution states, because clerks are keeping accurate and sufficient records of closed-session meetings.