Sanford, Broadway elections set for Tuesday

Nov. 03, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

With a little more than 1,100 votes cast, early voting for the upcoming municipal elections ended Saturday.

One-stop voting will not be available Monday, according to Lee County Elections Director Nancy Kimble, but polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

All of the precincts, excluding the Deep River and Greenwood precincts, will be open on election day, and voters who traditionally vote at Tramway Elementary School will vote at Southern Lee High School. If voting at a school, voters are encouraged to avoid peak hours — when students are arriving or leaving school — to cut down on congestion, Kimble said.

Voter turnout for early voting was just under 7 percent.

“It’s been better than what I thought it was going to be,” Kimble said. “I hope everyone who is left will go out to the polls Tuesday.”

City residents can choose between Republican Max Dolan or Democrat Norman “Chas” Post III for the open at-large district seat, and voters in Ward 1 can choose between Democrat Samuel Gaskins or Republican William “Bill” Oberkirsch. Councilman James “J.D.” Williams and Chet Mann are unopposed in their races, Ward 3 and the mayoral seat respectively.

There are four open seats on the Broadway Town Board of Commissions, and unless a write-in candidate prevails, they will go to Woody Beale, Jim Davis, Thomas Beal and Janet Harrington. Broadway residents will also consider four alcohol-related measures: three of which concern whether restaurants should be allowed to serve beer, serve wine and/or serve liquor and the fourth would allow a state-run liquor store within town limits.

Sample ballots, list of candidates and polling station information is available online at under the Elections Department tab. 

Open precincts, their locations and precinct judges with accompanying political party affiliation:

Precinct A1 (Southern Lee High School)
* Julia Garcia (R)
* Lucinda Alston (D)
*Diana Thomas (R)

 Precinct A2 (J. Glenn Edwards Elementary School)
*Stephen Coble (R)
* Cleo Bryant (D)
* Kathy Jordan (R)

Precinct B2 (BT Bullock Elementary School)
* Gary Tracy (R)
* Ken Laughinghouse (D)
* Joe Johnson (D)

Precinct C2 (Normally Tramway Elementary, at Southern Lee High School for this election)
* Wendell McGee (R)
* Julianne McCracken (D)
* Jonathan Hilliard (R)

Precinct D1 (JR Ingram Elementary School)
* Martha Underwood (R)
* Emily Lucas (D)
* Camilla Vogler (R)

Precinct D2 (American Legion)
* Eric Davidson (R)
* Eddie Winstead (D)
* Trevis Averett (R)

Precinct E1 (Broadway Elementary)
* Carla Dubuc (R)
* Debi Bobo (R)
* Charles Lamm (D)

Precinct E2 (East Lee Middle School)
* Mary Washington (R)
* Sorrell Saunders (D)
* Fran Remington (R)