Storms bring power outages

Apr. 21, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

Drivers are urged to remain cautious throughout the rest of the weekend after thunderstorms ripped through Central Carolina Friday.

Thousands were without power Friday night and as of midday Saturday, there were 600 reported power outages, according Michael Tatum, of Lee County Emergency Management.

"People need to pay close attention to the weather reports and remain alert," he said.

Sanford Fire Chief Wayne Barber said there were 21 calls Friday night and Saturday morning concerning trees which had fallen in streets or — in four cases — struck homes.

"Four houses had trees that pierced the roof," Barber said. "There were several that pulled the power lines down and knocked service off the house."

As of Saturday afternoon, there were still some areas where trees or power lines were down, Barber said, because of the large quantity of calls the local power companies had received.

"People need to make sure they stay alert while out driving, especially after dark," he said.