Chatham Schools embark on image revamp

Sep. 24, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

Chatham County Schools has a new superintendent, and now, it's also looking for a new image.

District leaders decided recently they wanted to undergo a "comprehensive re-branding process," in which an outside person or group will consult with the district in order to reinvent its logos, digital presence and overall public image.

"The previous logos and graphic representations of the school system have had limited application and are often not recognized in association with the schools," the district stated in a request for proposals posted last week. "The goal for the branding project is to create a graphic representation for our school district that will convey both academic focus and traditional identity."

Those who want to be considered for the chance to work with the district on this re-branding process must submit their proposals by 4 p.m. Friday; more information is available online at The project will hopefully be done by January, said Lori Carlin, the district's new public information officer, who will be coordinating the effort.

Carlin is only new to that position, though; she has been with the district for 16 years total. And in that time, she has seen several other branding efforts that weren't totally co-opted by either the community or the district itself. She said she's hoping that this time, the schools can come up with something that sticks out and looks great.

"We haven't been consistent for a number of years, and that's reflected in the fact that everybody's business card looks different, and our letterheads aren't always the same," she said.

Anyone with questions about this effort can contact her at or (919) 542-3626. Carlin also said the schools will make every effort to let other stakeholders within the community have a say in the process.

She said the county is growing and changing, and the school district ought to keep up with that growth as well. The project echoes that sentiment.

"Chatham County is poised for major growth in the coming years, and it is the intention to represent the school system as a place of achievement for students and a highlight within the county," the proposal request states. "There is also an opportunity to expand the use of technology featuring the district brand via web and media services."