Snow sprinkles portions of Central Carolina

Feb. 17, 2013 @ 05:02 AM

Despite several scattered inches of snow throughout Lee County Saturday, a majority of the snow will melt with warmer temperatures scheduled for today and Monday.

"It should be in the low-to-mid 40s (Sunday)," said Lee County Emergency Services Director Shane Seagroves. "Once the sun comes out, it will be gone fairly quickly."

Snow fell sporadically throughout Lee County and most of Central Carolina Saturday, he said.

There were places that saw anywhere from one to two inches, while in others it spots it seemed there had been no snow at all, Seagroves said.

Throughout Saturday night, Lee County could expect another inch or two and drivers would need to use caution driving at night and in the early morning, he said.

"There are chances of black ice," Seagroves said. "Anything on the roads has the potential to turn to ice and people need to be especially careful on the bridges and overpasses."

As of Saturday afternoon, there were no reported outages or weather-related accidents, he said.