LEE COUNTY SCHOOLS: Meet Bryan, who becomes superintendent Monday

Jun. 29, 2013 @ 06:17 PM

On Monday, Andy Bryan will become superintendent of Lee County Schools.

The same day he steps into the district’s highest position, he said, he plans to release a three-month transition plan detailing how he intends to go forward dealing with the schools and the community at large. Bryan said the plan will be posted on the district’s website, at www.lee.k12.nc.us Monday for anyone to see, and the plan will include checklists and other items that will be updated over time to give an indication as to how the transition is coming along.

In the meantime, though, The Herald asked Bryan a few questions to try to paint a picture of what he’s like outside of his official role.

Age: 46

Family: Wife Debbie and children Drew, 10, and Austyn, 5

Education: Bachelor of Arts in history

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and political science, Longwood University (Virginia); Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), University of Virginia.

Work history: History teacher/coach, high school athletic director, high school assistant principal, high school principal (all in Virginia) and assistant/associate superintendent (Lee County).

Did you go into teaching knowing you wanted to be a superintendent? If not, what made you decide it was something you wanted to do? “I did not go into education with the intent of being a superintendent. It was merely a progression of events that led me down the road to where I am now. My goal was to make a positive difference for as many students as possible.”

Why did you choose a career in education? “I just really enjoyed teaching and working with students. It seemed like the best way to make a lasting difference in a person’s life.”

If you couldn’t work in education, what job or career would you like to have? “General manager of a sports team.”

What was your dream job as a kid? “Professional athlete.”

During icebreaker activities, people often give an interesting fact about themselves. What’s yours? “I received an award for the best cursive writing in elementary school — you should see my handwriting now.”

Which college and/or pro sports teams do you root for? “Washington Redskins, University of Alabama football, and the University of Virginia in any sport.”

What sports did you play in high school or college? “Football in high school.”

Do you still play any sports now? “I practice a great deal of baseball with my son.”

What are some other hobbies of yours? “I enjoy reading and writing.”

What book are you reading now, and what’s your favorite genre? “’The Coldest Winter’ by David Halberstam, and non-fiction.”

If you could see any one musical artist/band live in concert (currently touring or not), who would it be and why? “I would like to see REM perform a classic set of any songs they wrote in the 1980s.”

Do you sing or play any musical instruments yourself? “Thankfully for everyone, no.”

Any other artistic talents? “None.”

It’s a Saturday night. Where are people most likely to find you? “Driving home from one of my son’s travel baseball tournaments or at home with my family.”

When doing work around the house, what are your most hated and least hated chores? “Raking leaves. Everything else is OK.”

If you could go (or have already gone) on your dream vacation, where would it be and what would you do? “Right now, I would like to take my son to the College World Series.”