Herald scores at NCPA awards

Feb. 28, 2014 @ 08:36 AM

The Sanford Herald received 19 awards — recognizing the work of the newspaper’s advertisement and news staffs for 2013 — from the North Carolina Press Association Thursday.

Among those accolades is The Herald’s first-place honor for general excellence in the annual news, editorial and photojournalism competitions, setting The Herald apart among North Carolina newspapers with circulations below 12,500. This is the fourth consecutive year The Herald has been named the best newspaper in the small dailies division in North Carolina.

The newspaper’s 11 news, editorial and photography awards for 2013 were presented at the NCPA’s annual institute and awards ceremony Thursday in Chapel Hill.

The Herald is one of the state’s most-awarded newspapers, receiving more than 80 awards over the past four years.

In the newsroom, Reporter Anna Johnson placed first in the best video category for “National

See Herald/Page A5

Night Out 2013.” Johnson and Photographer Wesley Beeson also placed second in the best video category for “Scenes from the 2013 Lee Regional Fair,” while Reporter Will Doran placed third in the best video category for “Miss Lee Regional Fair 2013 pageant.” The Herald’s Lee Regional Fair Blog also earned Beeson, Doran, Johnson and News Editor Jennifer Gentile first-place marks in the multimedia project category.

Beeson placed second in the photo page category for “Scenes from the Lee Regional Fair,” while Gentile received second in the editorial category for “Stone reticence on bill is to constituents’ detriment.” Herald contributor Chip Pate placed second in education reporting for “New Rules of the Game,” and movie reviewer Neil Morris took third in the criticism category for “Series takes psychological turn in ‘Iron Man 3.’”

Herald staff placed second for its community coverage and third for its sports coverage. 

“I am extremely pleased that our staff is being recognized with these awards,” said Editor R.V. Hight. “They have been dedicated in their efforts to provide our readers with a first-class newspaper. We are constantly striving to provide the best newspaper possible. I’m grateful for our staff members and their dedication.”

The newsroom awards maintain the Herald’s status as one of the most-recognized newspapers in its division, said Herald Publisher Bill Horner III.

“We are a community newspaper, and I’m proud that we continue to get recognized for our community coverage, with a second-place finish this year and a third place in overall sports coverage among the more than 20 newspapers in our division,” he said. “I’m also particularly proud of our multi-media awards. That includes our photography and video awards. We’re in a story-telling medium, and we’ve made a concerted effort to increase our use of video and other multi-media tools in our reporting. R.V. Hight and his staff continue to do great work.”

On the advertising side, Classified Manger Holly Hight placed first for best use of humor (”Dear Tabby” columns), while former Sales Representative Lori Resnick placed first for best institutional advertisement (Brad Salmon). Senior Sales Representative Laura Powers placed second and third in the best institutional ad category. Powers also placed second for best use of humor in an advertisement (Powers Auto Shop). Resnick placed second for best restaurant or entertainment advertisement (Dine Out for CARA).

Resnick, Powers, Advertisement Director Gina Eaves and Sales Representative Dave Jacobs were also recognized with a second-place finish in the best community service signature page or best shared page. Powers, Resnick, Eaves, Pate and Hight received third-place marks for the Lee County Living Magazine in the best niche publication category.

“It’s an honor to work among such a passionate sales force — a team comprised of sales executives committed to providing their advertisers with creative campaigns that work,” Eaves said. “We’re thrilled to be recognized by our industry as an award-winning staff, yet our greatest achievement is measured by the success of our advertisers.”

Horner said it was notable that Powers continues to get recognized for her work, contributing to five of the department’s eight advertisement awards.

“Gina Eaves and her team work hard for our customers – we know their work pays off for the advertisers, but this statewide recognition is also rewarding,” he said.