Board to consider iPads

Feb. 03, 2013 @ 05:02 AM

The Lee County Board of Commissioners is set to consider purchasing iPads for board members and a resolution in support of the U.S. Constitution Monday.

A resolution supporting the Second Amendment, among other items, are all slated for the Board of Commissioners’ 6 p.m. meeting Monday at the Lee County Government Center, located at 106 Hillcrest Drive.

  What: Resolution to “preserve and defend” the U.S. Constitution and North Carolina Constitution.

Why it matters: Commissioner Kirk Smith, a former Eastern N.C. National Rifle Association Field Representative, placed a resolution on the agenda that said “the County Manager will direct all county paid staff not to allow any county resources be used in the implementation or enforcement of any unconstitutional law, executive order or executive directive that infringes on the God-given right to self-defense.”

The resolution is in response to the president’s “23 anti-freedom initiatives” — executive orders — on gun safety and gun violence, according to the agenda.

“The Lee County Board of Commissioners stand behind Sheriff Tracy Carter’s pledge to allow the law-abiding citizens of Lee County to ‘keep and bear’ their personal ‘arms’ as well as his pledge to ignore laws or federal dictates that run contrary to the Constitutional right of Lee County and North Carolina’s citizens,” according to the agenda. “Furthermore, the commissioners call upon the Governor and General Assembly of North Carolina to pass legislation that will solidify our resolve to maintain our God-given right to self-defense.”

Sheriff Tracy Carter released a statement in his newsletter that read, “I, Sheriff Tracy L. Carter, will never by use of force or any other means, confiscate any firearms possessed by law abiding citizens of Lee County.”

There was no mention of ignoring laws in the statement, but Carter said he is in strong support of the Second Amendment and agrees with the resolution.

  What: Consider purchasing iPads to be used by the commissioners for meeting agendas

Why it matters: The county spends close to $4,000 per year on printing the meeting agendas and an estimated 640 hours of labor for assembling the agenda annually, according to a letter from Lee County Manager John Crumpton. The cost for the labor hours would be incurred every year, but the employee effort could be used for another project, he wrote.

Purchasing iPads for the Board of Commissioners is estimated at $4,200 with little ongoing support costs.

“I realize that moving to a paperless agenda system is change to say the least, but as you can see from this proposal it will allow the county to save money, apply operational efficiencies and institute environmental conservation methods as well,” Crumpton wrote to the commissioners.

Sanford City Council and Lee County Board of Education use iPads for their agenda meeting.

  What: Approve funds for one full-time employee and three part-time employees for the Food and Nutrition Unit

Why it matters: These employees will ease the current workload on Department of Social Services’ Food and Nutrition Unit employees, according to Social Services Director Brenda Potts. During the last commissioners’ meeting, Potts said the current staff is at their breaking point and would not be able to function without additional personnel.