Festival Singers of Lee County help to make Valentine’s Day more special

Feb. 11, 2013 @ 12:25 PM

Local chorus, the Festival Singers of Lee County, is set to continue its Valentine’s Day tradition of delivering singing Valentines for lovebirds around the county.

For $30, members of the Festival Singers will arrive at the recipient’s location, present a rose and chocolates, and sing a song of the purchaser’s choosing.  The entire day and venture is an uplifting experience for everyone involved, said Festival Singers of Lee County President Anne Edens.

“We get a lot of older people where sometimes the husband can’t get out to buy a card,” she said. “And we get the young couples. It’s always something different. But they all love it.”

Two years ago, the group performed for a woman whose husband was about to be deployed overseas and their two children, Edens said.

“It ended in tears,” she said. “It’s just a really nice thing and makes us feel really good.”

Another year, the group performed for a pair of young newlyweds with a song from their wedding.

“He ended up in tears and we were crying right along,” she said. “It’s just a beautiful feeling when you can affect people that way.”

Festival Singers Board Member Marsha Havens said it’s a joy to visit the different locations on Valentine’s Day and see the reactions the music brings to people.

“We sing the older, familiar songs,” Havens said. “It usually brings a smile and they sing along. That makes us happy that they are happy.”

The singing Valentines have a dual purpose, she said. While the singers perform, audience members are also introduced to the Festival Singers, Havens said.

This is the third year the singers have delivered singing Valentines as a main fundraiser for the organization’s yearly Christmas concert.

“This is a fundraiser we have to do every year,” Edens said. “We have no funding from the county, city and state. The Arts Council didn’t come through this year and we have to raise funds by appealing to the generosity of the local people.”

The general feeling during the Valentine is shock that turns into delight, she said.

“It’s nice and different,” Edens said. “And it brings joy to people. I am a great believer in music bringing joy to everyone.”

Tuesday is the deadline to reserve a singing Valentine by calling Edens at (919) 774-4608 or Havens (919) 776-3624.