TAKE 5: Demand for Salvation Army assistance increasing daily

Jun. 15, 2013 @ 05:02 AM

This week, we Take 5 with Sgt. Barbara Hertzog, who serves as a commanding officer of the Sanford Unit of The Salvation Army along with her husband, Terry. Sgt. Hertzog discusses the Army’s ongoing programs and the organization’s efforts to benefit the working poor of Lee County.

The number of local families without basic human needs such as food and clothing … how is the demand growing, and how are you feeling it at the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army serving Lee County provides food and clothing for as many as 40 families a day that would not have these basic needs met without our assistance. The number of residents in Lee County who find themselves without enough food and/or clothing is increasing daily due to the economy. The Salvation Army is striving to meet this demand, but our resources are extremely limited and we are often faced with looking at depleted pantry shelves and ever-decreasing financial resources. We are requesting your assistance with this growing need so that we can continue to meet these basic human needs.

Those with questions or wanting to make monetary donations, please contact us at The Salvation Army’s office. Call Sgts. Terry and Barbara Hertzog at (919) 718-1717 or stop by our offices at 507 N. Steele St.

Food, clothing, household and furniture needs SEmD how can local residents contribute those items to the Salvation Army, and what other items are needed?

The Salvation Army Food Pantry/Social Service Office accepts the much-needed non-perishable food at our offices at North Steele Street and clothing, furniture and other household items at our Family Store, located at 305 S. Steele St. We have a Family Store truck used to pick up large quantities of items and/or furniture. You many call (919) 776-2769 to schedule a pickup. We will provide receipts for your donation upon request.

The Family Store SEmD how does it operate? What’s available there, and where do proceeds go?

The Salvation Army Family Store is operated by staff and volunteers Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We’re in need of volunteers to help our operation. All staff and volunteers are fully committed to serving those who are in need, as well as the entire community. All of the proceeds are used to help those in need, whether it be with clothing, furniture, rent or utility assistance. We strive to meet the needs of those less fortunate in Lee County.

What if people have larger items to donate, such as cars, boats, etc.?

In addition to clothing, furniture and household items, you may also donate vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, etc., by calling (877) 503-4483.

What Salvation Army programs will be funded through proceeds and donations?

The Salvation Army is committed to serving those who are in need. Therefore, all proceeds from donations are used to assist those who are in need with food, clothing, furniture, rent or utilities. The Salvation Army also offers character building programs for youth and church services for all ages. We want to “reach out a helping hand” to those who find themselves in situations where they may not have the ability to assist themselves. We do this so that we can help make Lee County a better, more secure place for tomorrow while meeting the needs today.