SANFORD CITY COUNCIL: Sewer lines, lift station may transfer from county to city

Aug. 01, 2014 @ 05:02 AM

The sewer lines and lift station along Colon Road, which have long been owned by Lee County, would be better off under the city of Sanford's control, according to city and county officials.

Sanford City Manager Hal Hegwer discussed the possibility of the city of Sanford purchasing the sewer lines and lift station, for almost $1.5 million, from Lee County at the Sanford City Council's law and finance meeting Wednesday night.

"The county brought up the fact that the system has been under their ownership for a pretty long time," Hegwer said. "This is the only sewer system that they own. They are just looking at divesting themselves of these sorts of things. They've got other things they'd like to pursue, and sewers is not one of them."

Lee County Manager John Crumpton said the county probably should have sold the station to the city years ago.

"It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for us to own a lift station when we're not in the sewer business," Crumpton said. "All the county is looking to do is get back what it invested. We spent [almost $1.5 million] building the lift station. I think it's a good move, and hopefully the commissioners will support it."

Sanford City Councilman Sam Gaskins is open to purchasing the station but said he would need to be certain the time, and the price, were right.

"My thoughts right now are — it's not something we need right away," Gaskins said. "With our funds being tight as they are, if it's a good purchase, if it's something where the price is right and this is the time to do it, then I would consider it."

Hegwer said the lines and lift station originally were installed in 1999 in anticipation of growth in the area that never materialized. He said having the lift station and sewer lines available would make it easier to stimulate development in the nearby industrial park.

Crumpton agreed, noting that the lift station was the only piece of sewer equipment the county owned.

"The county has some other interests that we want to invest in," Crumpton said. "And using the cash will give us the options to review those things to hopefully spur some job growth along."

During its meeting, the council also discussed:

*Possible improvements and upgrades to a number of local parks.

*Awarding the street resurfacing and rehabilitation contract to S.T. Wooten, a construction service based in Wilson.

*Advertising an electronics auction in which the city would sell off certain personal property.

*Revising the lease agreement with U.S. Cellular for the Spruce Street Water Tank.

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