LEE COUNTY: Commissioners to put Buggy Factory agreement to a vote

Aug. 17, 2014 @ 06:53 PM

The Lee County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to vote on whether to approve the lease agreement for the Sanford Buggy Factory, the potential future site of the Sanford-Lee County Partnership for Prosperity, during its meeting Monday.

"Our legal team is still working out the issues with the contractor," said Board Chairman Charlie Parks. "But it should be ready [for a vote] Monday night."

Parks said a disagreement about how the leases for Lee County, the city of Sanford and the Partnership would be written prevented the board from voting on the lease agreement at its Aug. 4 meeting.

"A sticking point was — we wanted one contract with all three entities, and the person that owns the building wanted three separate leases," Parks said. "We said, 'No, this is a cooperative effort, so we want one agreement for everybody.'"

Parks said the county's legal team had been in conversation with the property owners, and that he did not foresee any problems that would keep the board from taking a vote.

"The last I had heard, it had not been completed," Parks said. "But it looked like it was going to work out OK."

The board also plans to vote on a deed of easement that would allow the city of Sanford to build and install sidewalks along areas of Nash and Bragg streets that are owned by the county as part of the city's bond initiative.

"We'll have to discuss that a little bit," Parks said. "That's more of a city thing. ... We have to discuss allowing them to have the easement to allow them to [move forward with] construction. I don't really see any sticking points."

On Monday, the board will also consider:

* a small government department platform contract with Esri for geographic information systems.

* a proclamation recognizing September as "Childhood Cancer Awareness Month" in Lee County.