Lee County, Broadway still face decision on solid waste

Mar. 10, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

Waste Industries may have been the victor of the City of Sanford’s five-year contract for solid waste collection services, but Lee County and the Town of Broadway have yet to select a vendor.

The Broadway Board of Commissioners is scheduled to vote on its trash pickup contract during a upcoming meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. March 25, and bids for Lee County’s services are due back to the county on March 25.

Broadway was included in Sanford’s bid process, said Broadway Town Manager Bob Stevens.

Waste Industries has the lowest of the bids at $10.70 per household per month without recycling carts and $11.20 per household per month with recycling carts provided, he said. Waste Management was the second lowest bid at $10.98 per household per month without recycling carts and $12.29 per household per month with recycling carts provided.

“We could go with the award Sanford made or go with another contract,” Stevens said. “So that will be decided in our March meeting as to whether we want Waste Industries like Sanford or whether the board wants to go with Waste Management.”

During the negotiations between the two companies and the city, there were discussions only germane to Sanford concerning the amount of city taxes paid or the number of local people employed by each company, Stevens said.

“We have gotten good service from Waste Management,” he said. “So you have that one one side and the lowest price on the other. I don’t know which way the board is going to go. With the other issues isolated to Sanford, I believe the board will look at price.”

As for Lee County, its short-term rates may increase at the Waste Management-owned transfer station, said Lee County Manager John Crumpton. 

“One thing the county has been able to do is, over the years, use Sanford’s volume (at the transfer station) to help negotiate lower rates,” Crumpton said. “Waste Management doesn’t have that now. I’ve already been told our short-term rates will go up.”

The new rates at the transfer station will potentially cost the county an additional $60,000 a year, he said.

“That is one of the reasons we have put the services out to bid for solid waste,” Crumpton said. “Maybe there is another option for us there. We’re not sure what that might be, but we are going to look at alternatives.”

Sanford voted last week to end its 34-year relationship with Waste Management and selected Waste Industries as its vendor for a five-year contract for solid waste collection services for $96,675.92 per month with new trash carts.