Two former Lee commissioners add to filing tally

Feb. 12, 2014 @ 05:01 AM

Two former Lee County politicians are seeking to rejoin panels in which they previous served.

On Tuesday, Larry “Doc” Oldham filed for the Lee County Commissioner District 4 seat, now held by Jim Womack, and Richard Hayes filed to fill one of three of the Lee County Board of Education’s open seats.

Oldham lost his bid for re-election during the 2012 election after being beaten out during the Republican primary by Max Dolan, Kirk Smith and Frank Del Palazzo. He has since switched his political party affiliation and is looking to regain a seat on the commission board as a Democrat.

“I announced early, and it’s something a lot of citizens asked me to do,” he said. Oldham intends to focus on the economy by “getting the county back on the right track” and helping the public school sector. Oldham filed with his wife, Linda Sue. Womack has not publicly announced whether he will pursue re-election.

“If people want to work, they should be able to find a job,” Oldham said. “The last two or three years, we’ve been left on the sideline.”

Hayes, a former Lee County commission chairman, served one term on the school board from 2000 to 2004.

“I served a couple of years as the vice chairman and really enjoyed my time on the school board,” he said. “I took some time off, went onto the commission board, but I am a person who is progressive by nature. I want the public school system in North Carolina to be everything it can be.”

As a product of the Lee County School System, Hayes said he’s looking forward to his opportunity to help strengthen the local school board.

Filing continues until noon Feb. 28 at the Lee County Board of Elections office, located at 225 S. Steele St.

Lee County filings to date:

* Tracy Carter filed Monday for his third term as Lee County Sheriff.

* Timothy Sloan filed Monday for the Lee County Commission District 2 seat.

* Susie Thomas filed Monday for her second term as the Lee County Clerk of Superior Court.

* Larry “Doc” Oldham filed Tuesday for the Lee County Commission District 4 seat.

* Richard Hayes filed Tuesday for one of three Lee County Board of Education seats.