Golf course at center of CCCC, city negotiation

May. 02, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

Central Carolina Community College has offered Sanford a deal concerning the college’s annual — and free — use of the municipal golf course.

CCCC uses the Sanford Municipal Golf Course every September for an tournament to benefit the CCCC Foundation, which provides financial aid and scholarships for students. CCCC President Bud Marchant proposed an interlocal agreement between the college and the city during the the Sanford City Council’s Law and Finance Committee meeting

Wednesday. If approved, the agreement would formalize the Sanford Police Department’s use of the college’s Emergency Training Center in exchange for the college’s free use of the golf course for the yearly tournament.The college’s exemption has proven to be a point of contention for at least one council member.

Councilman Charles Taylor said Wednesday the city should not be in the business of picking who can use the golf course free of charge and it could lead to potential liabilities.

“I’ve sought guidance with the (UNC) School of Government, and it is very problematic to not have a policy in place,” Taylor said.

The agreement has been vetted by CCCC Attorney Jimmy Love Sr. and Sanford Attorney Susan Patterson, Marchant said, and either governmental body would be able to terminate the agreement.

The police department already uses the college’s Emergency Training Center, and the agreement would formalize that use, Marchant said. The police department, along with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Broadway Police Department, is able to use the center for training outside of community college-offered courses.

Under the interlocal agreement, the police would use the center for a variety of training exercises including “SWAT team tryouts, the training tower for repelling, physical assessments, use of the firearms simulator and law enforcement patrol vehicle training.”

Taylor said city council is considering a new golf rate for schools and agreed during a midday retreat Wednesday to request information about possibly leasing the golf course to a third party.

“We are faced with dire economic times for city council and the golf course,” Taylor said. “We just had a discussion to look at all options, including possibly leasing the golf course out. ... I am trying to understand and wrap my head around how a community can pay for certain things and ask for this [to] be given up for a certain day. I am having a hard time.”

No action was taken on the interlocal agreement.

Sanford Mayor Cornelia Olive said after the meeting, the city will move forward with requesting information on various options, but a conversation with Golf Pro David Von Canon also needs to take place.