LEE COUNTY: Public hearings will focus on land in Cumnock area

Aug. 18, 2013 @ 07:12 PM

A series of public hearings to rezone more than 300 acres of land for a "walkable, mixed-use area" near Cumnock Road and the northern end of the U.S. 421 Bypass is scheduled for Monday night.

The Lee County Board of Commissioners will hold four public hearings to rezone the land, all requested by the Holly Springs-based company Village of Cumnock, at 6 p.m. at the Lee County Government Center, located at 106 Hillcrest Drive. 

A public hearing will be held for each of the following:

* A request to rezone two parcels of land, which total 53.63 acres of land located south of Cotten Road near the intersection of Cotten and Cumnock roads, from residential agriculture to multifamily district. According to the information in the meeting agenda, the multifamily district could allow the development of 648 multi-family residential units on the property. The land is currently vacant and surrounded by property also owned by the applicant.

* A request to rezone a parcel of land, which totals 81.36 acres located east of Deep River and west of Cumnock Road, from residential agricultural to residential 6-conditional district. This conditional rezoning includes buffers along Deep River and area for a public park.

* A request to rezone a parcel of land, which total 45 acres located east of Cumnock Road and between two sets of railroad tracks, from residential agricultural to light industrial conditional zoning. Under a light industrial conditional district, landfills, sewage treatment, chemical manufacturing and mining is prohibited.

* A request to rezone a parcel of land, which total 153.17 acres located north of Cotton Road and east of Cumnock Road, from residential agricultural to planned unit development. Under this zoning district, at least 15 acres will be used for open or green space and buffers, 25 acres will remain undeveloped "for purchase by the Lee County School System for a future school site" and a "detailed site plan will be provided to the county, for approval, prior to development of the property or any portion."   

According to the applicant's request, the land "will be developed as a walkable mixed-use area where residents can live, work, play, learn and shop on adjacent parcels, developed over time as a master-planned community connected by sidewalks, greenways and bicycling trails."

The rezoning for the properties is appropriate, according to the Village of Cumnock's application, because of the construction of the U.S. Highway 421 Bypass that will increase traffic and business in the area. A community meetings was held at the West Sanford Rural Volunteer Fire Department in July and more than 30 residents were present to learn more about the rezoning.

Other items slated for the agenda:

* Updating the Lee County Commissioners communication policy to address internal communications and notifying commissioners of important individuals or companies visiting the county.

*  Recognizing the 100th anniversary of the Extension and Community Association Organization.