Pedestrian improvements end Jonesboro grant project

Jun. 09, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

With the recent installation of a pedestrian crosswalk and signal in Jonesboro, the Autumn Oaks grant project is complete.

The crosswalk and pedestrian signal were put in at the intersection of Main Street and Woodland Avenue, connecting the Jonesboro area to the newly-constructed Autumn Oaks apartment complex, located at 250 Willow Oak Drive.

The 60-unit complex opened its doors in April and the developer, Greenway Residential Development, was given the green light to construct 60 more affordable housing units near the property. The installation of the pedestrian improvements mark the completion of the $250,000 Community Development Block Grant, according to Sanford-Lee County Planning Department Director Bob Bridwell.

The project was bid out and came back under budget, he said. The city used the remaining funds to help bridge the complex to the downtown Jonesboro area.

“We are delighted to work on these projects,” he said. “You assume a project will go well but you are never sure of what roadblocks you may have. Everything with this project worked extremely well.”

The developer was extremely successful, he said, and did everything it promised to do.

“We wanted to make sure we were getting the full impact from the grant money into that community,” Bridwell said. “That high-density complex and downtown Jonesboro needed a connection and the crosswalk and lighting seemed to be a perfect fit