Lee County sixth in crash-rating index

Jul. 21, 2013 @ 05:03 AM

Lee County's is ranked sixth in the state — for the second year — in North Carolina's yearly crash-rating index. 

Lee County fell from seven to six in 2011 and has remained in that position for the last two years. Sanford was ranked at 25th for cities with a population more than 10,000. As for cities with a population less than 10,000, Broadway was ranked 245th.

There were 10 fatal crashes within the two municipalities, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation report, and there were more than 800 accidents with non-fatal injuries.

The city typically sees more crashes involving vehicle or property damage as opposed to personal injury, according Sanford Police Field Operations Maj. Jamie Thomas. However, he said, there are exceptions.

"We do the best we can to keep everyone safe on the highway and our local streets," Thomas said. "There are a lot of factors (out of our control), one being the weather. So, we just take them as we get them and do our best to keep them from happening."

The police department doesn't target a particular area, he said, but it increases patrols in any area when there is an unusual uptick in vehicle accidents.