Sanford Police investigating ad listing sale of 2-year-old

Apr. 13, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

The Sanford Police Department is investigating an attempt to sell a 2-year-old Sanford girl on the auction website, eBay, for $125.

Sanford Police Capt. David Smith said he couldn't comment on the incident but confirmed the department is actively investigating the case.

A police report made available Friday categorizes the incident under "all-other offenses" — referring to a violation of state or local law not specifically identified. The offense was reported at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, according to the report, which states the crime involved "posting a picture of a minor child for sale on the Internet." It did not list an incident location or victim.

The listing is no longer available online. However, a screenshot of the posting, taken by Raleigh-based TV station WRAL, captured the advertisement — which shows what appears to be a mother attempting to sell her child.

"Comes with her own (social security number) and a month supply of food," the advertisement reads. "She is very sweet and is really smart."

The advertisement also states the mother is willing to rent the girl.

"I am her mother, and since her father is not in the picture, I cannot do this on my own," the advertisement reads. ". . .I don't want to go through (the Department of Social Services) or (Child Protective Services) because I need money and I don't have a job and this is the only way I thought about."