Two removed trustees, two others, join CCCC board

Mar. 07, 2014 @ 11:34 AM

Four area residents were named to the Central Carolina Community College board of trustees Thursday afternoon to fill the four seats left empty after a state law passed this summer removed the four incumbents.

Jan Hayes, Norman "Chip" Post, Robert Logan and Anthony Harrington will serve on the board for terms varying between half a year and three and a half years.

The seats were open because Rep. Mike Stone (R-Lee/Harnett) introduced a bill after discovering the four seats appointed by the Lee County Board of Education were technically filled improperly; the bill sought to correct the process.

The four trustees in question were Hayes and Post, along with Chet Mann and Tony Lett. They sued to try to remain on the board but had their case dismissed last month with the caveat that the state couldn't prevent them from being reappointed, as the law had originally called for.

From now on, instead of the Lee County school board getting to appoint four members, it will have two appointees, and the Chatham County and Harnett County school boards, which previously had none, will each have one. Hayes and Post were appointed by Lee County, Logan was appointed by Chatham County and Harrington was appointed by Harnett County.

"I vow to do my best to be a good, conscientious, dedicated trustee," said Post, a Sanford attorney who was only on the board for a matter of weeks before the General Assembly voted to remove him and the others this summer, although he did continue serving while the lawsuit was undecided.

"I certainly was interested in being reappointed," he added. "I feel like I had just begun to serve and was learning and abruptly got removed through the actions of Mr. Stone and his ill-advised local bill."

Harrington, who taught high school social studies in Harnett County in the mid-80s before joining CCCC — first as a radio and TV instructor and then from 1999 until his retirement last year as a history professor — said he's eager to become involved with the school once again.

"I'm glad to be able to give back to an institution that helped me get from point A to point B in my career," Harrington said. "... I think what the current board has done, and what the current president is doing, is working. I think students are getting a proper education, and community stakeholders are pleased."

Hayes, director of the Lee County United Way, couldn't be reached for comment. Neither could Logan, a former superintendent of both Lee County and Chatham County Schools who now works for AVID, an educational company focused on college-readiness.

Dr. Lynn Smith, chairman of the Lee County Board of Education, said Hayes was an excellent trustee and that he's glad she'll be able to rejoin the board.

Karen Howard, chairwoman of the Chatham County Board of Education, said her board had several well-qualified people express interest in joining the trustees, but Logan, who retired from Chatham County in June, clearly stood out.

In order to avoid four people joining the board all at one time in the future, Post's term will expire this July; Hayes' term will expire in July 2015; Harrington's term will expire in July 2016 and Logan's term will expire in July 2017. After each term is up, everyone subsequently appointed to a seat will serve a four-year term.

The board of trustees is comprised of 15 voting members appointed by local county boards of commissioners, as well as the governor's office. The other trustees are:

  • Julian Philpott, chairman
  • Patrick Barnes, vice chairman
  • Brian Bock
  • Jim Burgin
  • Bill Carver
  • James Kelly
  • Susan Laudate
  • Clem Medley
  • Bobby Powell
  • Martha Underwood
  • Bill Wilson
  • Keith Clark