Christmas decorations for terminally ill boy vandalized

Dec. 24, 2013 @ 11:06 AM

The parents of a terminally ill boy are hoping their Christmas decorations will be restored after their home was recently vandalized.

Robert and Kelly Noble adorned their home, located at 677 Harvey Faulk Road, with hundreds of lights and a Nativity scene for their 11-year-old son Brandon, who has a brain tumor and other ailments.

"We offered it free to the community and one of the reasons is because of our sick little boy," Kelly said. "He is unable to see the lights so we did it at home where we can control them, and he can see them (from inside) when he feels good."

More than $4,000 worth of damage and theft occurred sometime Thursday night or Friday morning, and the wooden donkey from their Nativity scene was taken. The home's Christmas lights are synchronized with a local radio station, and Robert spends the entire year planning the light show, Kelly said.

"Because of that I think it hit (Robert) more than it hit me," she said. "He just stood in the yard and cried. Not just because of the lights, but because of the symbol (and) why we were doing this."

The incident was reported to the Lee County Sheriff's Office Friday.

"Of course, we are very upset," Kelly said. "We planned to make this the best Christmas we have ever had and that's why we did the light show. There is no way to get it back up in a week. It took away a lot in our heart to know that someone would do it."

The family intends to continue their tradition of putting lights on their home and will be placing surveillance up in the coming years, she said.

The family is asking for the decorations to be returned, especially the gray, wooden donkey that stands nearly three feet tall.

Lee County Sheriff Capt. Jeff Johnson said the department is investigating the case and urges residents to remain vigilant during the holiday season.

"Usually we have a lot of burglaries and break-ins this time of year," he said. "But it has been fairly quiet this year. We urge people to be careful about what they post (on social media) about their new gifts and not to post they are going out of town."

People need to also make sure they don't leave empty boxes of their presents by the side of the road, he said.

"We encourage everyone to be careful and we hope everyone has a merry Christmas," Johnson said.