The Herald news quiz — year in review

See how much you know about happenings in 2013
Jan. 02, 2014 @ 11:41 AM

Editor's note: 2013 was an eventful year in Sanford and Lee County. To help refresh – and test – your memory, we're presenting this news quiz, featuring 30 questions about goings-on in our area. Some of the questions are easy, some aren't so easy … and some of the multiple-choice answers were written tongue-in-cheek. So have fun.

Need some motivation? Take the quiz and mail your answers to us at The Herald. We'll give a $100 prize to the person who submits the most correct answers. If there's a tie, we'll randomly choose a winner from amongst the ties. Simply fill in the blanks in the entry form at the end of the quiz, mail it so that it’s postmarked by Jan. 9, and we'll announce the winner the following week. Mail your entry to: 2013 News Quiz, c/o The Sanford Herald, 208 St. Clair Court, Sanford, N.C. 27330. Only mailed originals of the entry form will be accepted – no photocopies, please.

  1. The Devil may have gone down to Georgia, but what country music superstar performed at Sanford’s inaugural Down South Music Festival in 2013?

a. Florida Georgia Line

b. Mark Willis

c. Lee Greenwood

d. Charlie Daniels

  2. One of the more controversial new businesses to open in Broadway this year was:

a. Five Guys Burgers and Fries

b. Walmart Express

c. Starbucks

d. A 24-hour Star Wars-themed diner

  3. The annual Ammons Family Fourth of July Fireworks show took place:

a. July 4

b. July 5

c. July 11

d. Sept. 1

  4. Dr. Andy Bryan became the new Lee County Schools Superintendent in 2013, replacing Dr. Jeff Moss. Moss left the county for a similar position in:

a. South Carolina

b. Georgia

c. Construction

d. Virginia

  5. Rep. Mike Stone filed a controversial bill, which later passed, to make Lee County's municipal and board of education elections:

a. contested only in leap years

b. non-partisan

c. partisan

d. open only to Republican candidates

  6. Sanford was one of 20 winning communities in the U.S. and Canada chosen to receive a “painting” in a “Main Street Matters” contest sponsored by what paint company?

a. Glidden

b. Sherwin Williams

c. Behr

d. Benjamin Moore

  7. In September, Lee County's unemployment rate fell into the single digits for the first time in:

a. Two years

b. Three years

c. Four years

d. Five years

  8. Two-term Mayor Cornelia Olive was defeated in the Democrat Sanford mayoral primary by Chet Mann. Mann went on to win the mayor's seat in November. The Republican candidate for mayor was:

a. Charlie Parks

b. Charles Staley

c. Charles Taylor

d. There was no Republican on the ballot

  9. Former Southern Lee High School and Elon University football standout Aaron Mellette of Sanford was chosen in the 2013 NFL Draft by what team?

a. Cincinnati Bengals

b. Indianapolis Colts

c. Baltimore Ravens

d. Atlanta Falcons

  10. What state representative, whose legislative district included part of Lee County, resigned this year after being charged with felony embezzlement?

a. Bob Etheridge

b. Deb McManus

c. Renee Ellmers

d. Cathy Wright

  11. Elected officials and representatives from the business community joined other leaders from Sanford, Broadway and Lee County to work to create a new “EDO” (Economic Development Organization). Among other things, the new entity would create a merger of what two existing organizations?

a. The Lee County EDC and the Downtown Business Association

b. China Garden and King China Buffet

c. Lee County EDC and the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce

d. The Chamber of Commerce and The Sanford Pottery Festival

  12. The new shopping center at the intersection of Tramway Road and Jefferson Davis Highway — called The Marketplace at Tramway — opened with its first two tenants. The businesses located there now are:

a. Target and Olive Garden

b. Kohl’s and The Cheesecake Factory

c. CVS and Bojangles’

d. Hardee’s and Family Dollar

  13. What was unique about this year’s edition of the annual “Brick City Bowl,” the football game between Lee County High School and Southern Lee High School?

a. It's the first time the visiting team won

b. It was the first overtime game in the series history

c. It was the first time the two teams were members of the same conference

d. It was the first time the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown

  14. Broadway residents voted on four alcohol-related measures in the November election. The only measure that failed was one which would:

a. allow restaurants to sell beer

b. allow restaurants to sell unfortified wine

c. allow restaurants to sell liquor

d. allow a liquor store to be located within city limits

  15. In October, the Lee County Republican Party attacked city council candidate Chas Post with a political mailer criticizing Post for his work as an attorney in:

a. defending a drunk driver

b. defending an illegal immigrant

c. defending a drug dealer

d. none of the above

  16. Sanford City voters approved four bond issues, totaling $14.5 million, in September that will provide funds for a number of enhancements and improvements. Which of the following was not among improvements addressed in the bond issues?

a. Streetscape improvements in downtown Sanford and Jonesboro

b. Extension of the “greenway”

c. Sidewalk improvements

d. Free citywide wireless Internet access

  17. Data published in 2013 showed that Lee County's teen pregnancy rate (5.4 percent for females aged 15-19) was:

a. seventh highest in the state

b. sixteenth highest in the state

c. twenty-third highest in the state

d. thirtieth highest in the state

  18. The new provider for the removal of the city of Sanford’s solid waste is:

a. Waste Away

b. Waste Industries

c. Waist Reduction

d. Waste Management

  19. Lee County Commissioner Jim Womack, who serves as the chairman of the state’s Mining and Energy Commission, said during 2013 that the moratorium on the practice of hydraulic fracturing – also known as fracking – could be lifted:

a. Fall of 2014

b. Spring of 2015

c. Fall of 2015

d. Never

  20. What former college and pro basketball star spoke at the Grace Chapel Church men’s conference in 2013?

a. Phil Ford

b. Tommy Burleson

c. David Thompson

d. Bob McAdoo

  21. Which local golf course was listed as among the 50 best-designed layouts in the world by “Golf Course Architecture” magazine?

a. Sanford Municipal

b. Tobacco Road

c. Carolina Lakes

d. Carolina Trace Lakes Course

  22. Central Carolina Hospital unveiled the use of a robotic arm system to perform kind of procedures?

a. knee and hip surgeries

b. eye surgeries

c. heart surgeries

d. tumor removal

  23. What former Lee County athlete was inducted into his sport’s Hall of Fame in 2013?

a. Steve Jones

b. Richard Such

c. Herb Thomas

d. J. D. McDuffie

  24. The City of Sanford is pursuing a “sister city” relationship with a city in which country?

a. Japan

b. China

c. Ireland

d. Cuba

  25. The Sanford Herald was named “best newspaper in the state” by winning first place in the General Excellence competition among newspapers in the small daily division (circulation 12,500 and under) in the N.C. Press Association's annual contest for the:

a. second time in three years

b. second year in a row

c. third year in a row

d. fourth year in a row

  26. Which local bank opened a new branch at the Southside Plaza Shopping Center?

a. BB&T

b. First Bank

c. First Citizens Bank

d. PNC

  27. Wilkinson Automotive, which opened a redesigned showroom in 2013, celebrated how many years in business this year?

a. 40

b. 50

c. 60

d. 70

  28. The Lee County Board of Commissioners, by a 4-3 vote, decided to do what in 2013?

a. eliminate the practice of providing incentives to expanding industry

b. change the sales tax distribution method

c. stop accepting lottery funds from the state

d. endorse a resolution opposing the 2nd amendment

  29. This festival was in part billed as a replacement to the Sanford Pottery Festival:

a. Sanford Arts & Vines Festival

b. Sanford Brick & Mortar Celebration

c. Sanford Clay & Chocolate Festival

d. Sanford Pottery & Wine Celebration

  30. Jan Hayes, Tony Lett, Chet Mann and Chip Post filed a lawsuit after a local bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Stone removed them from what group?

a. Lee County Board of Education

b. Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees

c. Lee County Board of Elections

d. The Lee County Good Ole’ Boys Club

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