Harnett standoff subject sent to hospital for observation

Incident resolved without force, injury, officials say
Jan. 31, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

It remains unclear exactly why someone was armed and holed up inside a house in western Harnett County Tuesday, but the incident did come to an end with no injuries, arrests or threats of immediate future violence, according to the Harnett County Sheriff's Office.

Major Eddie Holder, who was on the scene Tuesday at the Carolina Hills mobile home park off of Buffalo Lake Road, near the Lee/Harnett line, said Wednesday that deputies never had to use force, and the individual willingly put down her weapon.

Holder said he couldn't officially confirm any details that might identify the suspect, including name, gender or address, citing the personal nature of the situation, about which he also declined to elaborate.

"These type of calls, it's real limited what kind of information we can give out," he said.

However, he did use several female pronouns when referring to the individual in question, and multiple neighbors on the scene also referred to the person as a woman.

Holder said that although no arrests or injuries were reported, the woman was taken by deputies to a hospital for observation and potential psychiatric treatment. He said deputies also seized a firearm from the home because they suspected she might have mental health issues. If she wants the gun back, as in any similar situation, Holder said, she must undergo psychological tests and then present the Sheriff's Office with a court order affirming her ability to responsibly own a firearm.

"(The doctors) might not necessarily tell us the results," he said. "... But we'll go through our proper channels before the gun's released."

Deputies had to evacuate about a dozen people from four homes on the cul-du-sac where the woman lived, on the 100 block of the neighborhood's Brent Wood street, but Holder said there were no issues with any of those families or the several dozen people who gathered by the police blockade of the road.

He said he doesn't think law enforcement had ever been called to the house before and still isn't quite sure what set the individual off Tuesday, resulting in the standoff that lasted from 1-7 p.m. and required buses from five local schools to be diverted from the incident scene, but he said there is no reason for anyone who lives nearby to be wary of anything else happening as a result of the events Tuesday.

"We don't anticipate any neighbors or family member are in danger as a result of yesterday's incident," Holder said. "I can't say for in the future."