Central Electric unveils project

Aug. 16, 2013 @ 04:56 AM

Central Electric is in the process of installing advanced metering equipment as part of a technology upgrade aimed at improving energy management and controlling energy costs. The enhancement plan includes investment in new electrical systems, including software and hardware and the installation of advanced meters designed to improve reliability. Advanced meters use proven technology to provide customers with safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

The advanced meters are to be installed at each customer location over the next two years. They give Central Electric the ability to remotely send and receive information and directions to the meter, load control and other devices. In addition to providing timely metering information, the system will also help identify the time and location of power outages. When combined with additional future investments in technologies planned by the company, advanced meters can give customers the information and options they need to manage their demand during times of high energy use. Smart grid technology will help us manage new ways of generating electricity and new demands on the system, such as electric vehicles.

Advanced meters will help Central Electric continue to provide affordable energy and reliable service, while providing these additional improvements: automatic meter readings, more accurate billing, better power quality and reliability, automatic outage notification and lower power costs.