Onslaught seen as tax deadline looms

Apr. 11, 2014 @ 10:26 PM

Lines at local tax service offices have grown as Lee County residents attempt to file state and federal taxes by the Tuesday deadline.

“This past week has been very, very busy,” said Jennifer Moody, co-owner of Sanford’s three H&R Block offices. “We are seeing more people than normal.”

Several people have either let the Tax Day deadline sneak up on them or have procrastinated because they know they have to pay, she said.

“Some knew they were going to owe, so they are waiting for the last day,” Moody said.

Shannon Rowland, owner of Suggs Tax Service, said if people know they are going to owe, they can file for an extension by the Tuesday deadline and send in some money to the IRS.

“This can reduce the amount of penalties they may have to pay,” she said.

If people do not make the deadline and they owe funds back to the government, they will be penalized, Rowland said.

“They will have a late filing penalty and a late payment penalty,” she said. “Even with an extension, you may have a late payment penalty.”

Rowland said it has been “crazy, crazy busy” in the past couple of weeks, and several people have brought in boxes of receipts.

There were not many changes to tax codes this year, but people can expect changes on the state level and an impact from the Affordable Healthcare Act when filing for 2014.

“Especially for next year, we are encouraging people to come and talk to us,” Moody said. “We have a lot of advice about the potential changes.”

Rowland agreed and said it was never too early to begin to prepare for next year.