Spivey says role models inspired his achievement

Jan. 30, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

Positive male role models have made David Spivey the man he is today.

Right now, he’s the male winner of the Lee County Community Foundation’s Man and Woman of the Year Award, and he said the only legacy he wants to leave is that he was himself a positive role model for his children and grandchildren.

A former president of the United Way of Lee County and the Jonesboro Rotary Club, as well as former chairman of the board of directors for the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce and the Red Cross’ Lee County chapter, Spivey said it was his father and a former scoutmaster who instilled the values of service and sacrifice he tries to emulate in his own life.

Joe Spivey, his father, worked for an electric company and refused to let others suffer if he could help it, the younger Spivey said.

“I remember times he would come home and be sitting at the dinner table and would have tears in his eyes because he was ordered to cut the power off for a single mother or what have you,” Spivey said. “But he’d pay her bill out of his pocket instead.”

Likewise, his scoutmaster in Pittsboro, Harold Boone, worked a job that Spivey said he realized later in life probably gave him two weeks off for vacation a year. And the man would spend half of that time at summer camp, looking after his troop of teens and preteens because he believed in what he was doing and would sacrifice personal time to help others.

“When you grow up and you’re exposed to that kind of service, it rubs off,” he said.

And now, said Spivey, the co-owner of Jones Printing Co. in Sanford, he just might shift his dedication to service from the private sphere of clubs and nonprofits to the public sphere of government. But he said he has no plans to get into politics before he retires, and right now, he loves his job.

“I figure I’ve got about 30 years before I retire,” the 61-year-old Spivey said with a laugh. He added, when asked, that he had never thought of what kind of legacy he might like to eventually leave, but that if he had to say, he thinks it would consist of a three-fold focus on faith, family and community.

“I think if you just try to live your life the right way, serve your community and your lord and be a good provider and role model for your family, the legacy will take care of itself,” he said.