Waste Industries hopeful for trash pickup contract

Feb. 12, 2013 @ 05:02 AM

Waste Industries, seeking to unseat Waste Management as the long-time provider of trash pickup service in Sanford, says it has submitted the lowest bid for providing that service for the next five years.

The Sanford City Council will discuss the bids at Wednesday's Law and Finance committee meeting.

Sanford Manager Hal Hegwer told The Herald Monday he couldn't comment on the bids, but said the detailed information would be presented during the meeting, which begins at 1 p.m. Wednesday at city hall, located at 224 Weatherspoon St. 

Hegwer wouldn't share bid results prior to Wednesday's meeting, but according to bid results sent to The Herald by Waste Industries Government Affairs Manager Phil Carter, Waste Industries had the lowest bid at $104,165.92 for the five-year contract. Waste Management, which has served the city for decades, has the second lowest bid at $107,845.68.

"Out of four bids submitted, Waste Industries will save the city $44,157.12 annually and $115,695.18 over the five-year term of the contract compared to the next lowest bid submitted by Waste Management," Carter wrote in an email to The Herald. "The Waste Industries bid also includes providing brand new garbage carts to all City of Sanford citizens whereas the next lowest bid does not."

Waste Industries was also the lowest bidder five years ago, but council voted to reject the bids, according to the minutes from a 2008 meeting.

Former council member Steve Brewer, who proposed the rejection, said during that 2008 meeting there were more factors the city needed to take into the bid consideration. Other council members, including current council member Charles Taylor, said rejecting the bids gave the impression the city was not serious about the bidding process.

After the initial 2008 bids were rejected to expand the bidding criteria, Waste Management emerged as the lowest bidder. 

Carter said he hoped sharing the bids prior to the city's meeting would help facilitate the honoring of the city's formal bid process.

"We do not seek special attention or consideration by the city or anyone else," Carter wrote. "All we seek is an open, fair and honest process to move forward, and may the best and most cost-effective for the citizens win."

Sanford General Services Director Tim Shaw said the main function of the vendor for the city will be weekly trash pickup and recycling pickup every two weeks.

"We are always glad to be getting a contract done and put into service," Shaw said. "Whoever the vendor is, I am sure we will be well represented."

The five-year contract goes into effect July 1.   

The council won't take action in Wednesday's meeting but could vote on the bids as early as the next regular council meeting on Feb. 19.