EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS: Take advantage of shopping, live music today in downtown

Sep. 08, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

On most Sundays, downtown Sanford is one tumbleweed removed from a ghost town while many locals spend the day at church or at home.

But today, a handful of local business people are hoping that won’t be the case. From noon to 4 p.m., many downtown business will open their doors to customers, there will be street vendors and live music to boot. Organized by David Nestor, a local real estate agent, the event is the first-ever Sanford 2nd Sunday event.

A similar event will also be held on the second Sunday in October before participants take a break for the winter, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the event, and then resume in the spring.

In other news...

Roo Cups good for longer: When Kangaroo’s refillable Roo Cups were rolled out earlier this year, they promised 25-cent refills all summer long, up until Labor Day. But the company has now announced that Roo Cups will continue to be valid through the end of September — although refills now cost 50 cents.

Bad national jobs news: At the federal, state and local levels, the employment picture is not looking good. A national report released Friday revealed that estimates of job growth in June and July over-stated, although average hourly earnings have risen slightly. However, it also found that people are either giving up on or aging out of the labor force at a relatively high rate, with the percentage of Americans either working or looking for work at its lowest rate in 35 years.

Bad North Carolina jobs news: The left-leaning North Carolina Justice Center recently unveiled a report that found the state’s median wage, adjusted for inflation, is lower than it was in 1999 and that the wage-gap is growing, especially for minorities. Already hit harder by unemployment than white people, black people who do have a job make about $5 less per hour, on average, than white people with a job. The state also still reportedly hasn’t replaced all the jobs lost in the recession, and job growth isn’t keeping up with population growth, either.

Bad local jobs news: According to that same study which painted such a dismal picture statewide, the outlook for rural counties — such as all of the counties in this area — is even worse. It stated: “The jobs that are being created pay low wages and are concentrated in urban areas, driving what could be another decade of declining wages for the majority of North Carolinians. The productivity of workers is not being rewarded with higher pay and many of North Carolina’s workers, particularly those of color and individuals who live in rural communities, are suffering thanks to the state’s stagnant economy. ... Rural areas of the state continue to lose jobs, while large and small metropolitan areas are slowly adding jobs.”

Business fluctuations: In the past week, seven corporations formed in Lee County — 5100 Rex, CTG Contracting, Green Global Valet Services, Secure Silicon Layer, Sensational Properties, Static Control Holdings and Sunbird Management — and two were dissolved: Lime Castle Studios and Son-Tee Productions.

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