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Feb. 09, 2014 @ 05:00 AM


The Central Carolina area has an unprecedented opportunity in the coming summer to impress the world. The village of Pinehurst and the famed Pinehurst Resort will host the U.S. Men’s Open golf championship from June 12-15 and the U.S. Women’s Open from June 19-22.

Obviously, the Pinehurst area will greatly benefit from the exposure. And not just from the media audience, but from the many visitors and corporate sponsors who will come here for these two prestigious events.

The Sanford area will, too, benefit from these events. As Moore County Partners in Progress Executive Director Pat Corso advised at a meeting of the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce’s Public Policy Luncheon this week: “Claim it. Own it. It’s your Open. I know a lot of people are staying (in Lee County). ... You can plan all kinds of stuff.”

No doubt Central Carolina will receive economic benefit from these two championship events, and with thousands of folks passing through Lee County to get to the Pinehurst area, it’s a chance for us to show off as well.


Andy Bryan, the first-year superintendent of Lee County Schools, has set forth a fresh approach that is worthy of applause. Instead of shielding himself from the public, he has held a series of meet-and-greet sessions with parents and others in the community.

“It’s really been a good way to let parents, teachers, community leaders, business leaders and others with a stake in our schools tell us what they think the direction of Lee County Schools should be,” said Bryan.

Bryan brings a refreshing approach of allowing for public dialogue, showing that the public is important and are deserving of an opportunity to address their concerns. He listens before he speaks. It’d be good for other public officials to take Bryan’s lead and hold open forums to allow citizens to be actively involved in their government.


Thanks to some dedicated volunteers, many area children will receive much-needed dental care that likely would not have occurred otherwise.

The Give Lee Kids A Smile event was to be held Saturday to give free dental care for uninsured children.

It’s unfortunate that there are children who go without dental care because their parents can’t afford to do so. Thus, how fortunate that there are such honorable people who are willing to step forward to see that these children get the care they so desperate need — and deserve.

The program is a collaboration among High House Pediatric Dentistry, the Lee County Dental Society, Central Carolina Community College Dental and Medical programs, Lee County Health Department, University of North Carolina School of Nursing and Lee County dental professionals.