EDITORIAL: Cleanup volunteers beautify community, change lives

Mar. 27, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

When any of us move about Lee County and see areas of unsightly blight, it’s easy to say, “I sure wish someone would clean that up and take better care of it.”

Now area citizens can join in and lend a hand.

Next month, volunteers from around our community will participate in the East Sanford Cleanup project. This year, the project will focus in the area of Maple Avenue, and it’ll take place April 13 – plenty of time for you to adjust your calendar and make it a part of your plans.

John Ramsperger, a member of Sanford Mayor Cornelia Olive’s Housing Task Force, is project coordinator for the event. Ramsperger told The Herald this event “will improve the community and change lives in a positive way. Besides the cosmetic work performed on the homes, we want to fellowship with the residents and foster a sense of community in the area.”

That’s an admirable cause. To do landscaping, minor rehab work on houses and exterior painting on our own homes can be challenging enough. To take time to help neighbors, that’s community spirit at its finest.

Local Rotary clubs are coordinating the event. First Baptist Church will provide breakfast, and Shallow Well United Church of Christ will provide lunch. Local businesses are donating items to help with the cause.

Approximately 200 volunteers are expected for the cleanup. As Ramsperger points out, no specific skills are needed — just a willingness to help others. People who would like to participate in the effort can call volunteer coordinator Chad Spivey at (919) 774-1677.

Volunteerism is important in helping this one area. Each volunteer can help to make a major difference.

And, who knows? Helping one small area can lead to another ... and another ... .

We should take great pride in the beauty of our area — and in helping our fellow residents in this effort.