EDITORIAL: CAT sets example of good corporate citizenship

Feb. 20, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

The business community most everywhere is generous in contributing to various causes — and our area is no exception. The Central Carolina region certainly has benefited from such charitable giving.

Consider those numerous local businesses and industries that have given to help both individuals and organizations. Schools, the United Way, Coalition For Families, Partnership For Children, Christians United Outreach Center, Salvation Army — the list of recipients goes on.

After the April 2011 tornado that devastated our county, not only did many of these businesses open their pocketbooks to support those affected, but their kind employees often stepped forward to donate their time to the cleanup efforts.

Among those to volunteer were employees from the local Caterpillar operation. Now, Caterpillar is donating two new pieces of machinery to the nonprofit natural disaster response group First Response Team of America, which was among the agencies that aided Sanford’s recovery in the tornado’s aftermath.

With its kind, and very practical, gift, Caterpillar will be helping countless others when natural disasters strike elsewhere in our country.

The sale of these machines would benefit Caterpillar’s bottom line, but this company clearly realizes that no price tag can be placed on giving hope and help to those whose lives have been torn asunder. Just ask anyone from Sanford who was faced with catastrophic damage to their home or other property.

Debris removal, a task at which the CAT skid steer track loader excels, is often the start of a healing process — both for an individual and a community. When he received the equipment Monday, First Response Team of America founder Tad Agoglia recognized CAT for being his nonprofit’s first major corporate donor — giving him machinery in 2008 that was tested in Sanford.

To all business who have given to help others, your generosity does not go unnoticed.

And to Caterpillar, thank you for your donation — and for setting a good example of the goodness that can be found within our business community.