Thumbs up

May. 19, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

THUMBS UP: Quiz Bowl

Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Faulk, Wayne Staton and Jordan Minter, the top three finishers in the North Carolina Quiz Bowl program held this week at First Presbyterian Church.

In fact, congratulations are due to all of the participants of the event, hosted by the Lee County Library and developed by the Fayetteville Area Transportation Museum and the Museum of the Cape Fear.

Our history, whether on the local, state, national or international levels, often gets shunned as our educational emphasis often goes toward other areas, like science and math. But out history is important as well, as it provides a map to see where we’ve been, how we’ve evolved and perhaps what the future holds.

THUMBS UP: Stepping up for seniors

It appeared at one point that the Lee County Enrichment Center’s Wednesday lunch program, as well as the annual Gay 90s celebration to honor those age 90 or older, were in jeopardy due to the federal sequester.

This would have left a number of seniors hungry on this one day of the week — when they look forward to both a hot meal and fellowship.

However, thanks to six generous donors, the Wednesday lunch program has been saved until July. And, the seniors will have their Gay 90s celebration, too.

It’s wonderful to see some good people coming forward to lend a helping hand. Although these donors may go unnamed, they should rest assured that their generosity is appreciated by the senior citizens who benefit from the program — and the community at large.

THUMBS UP: Nuclear shutdown

The nearby Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant has been shut down for now.

“Operators at the Shearon Harris plant on Wednesday found a quarter-inch flaw in the covering of the reactor vessel, which contains superheated steam produced by the nuclear reaction’s energy,” The Associated Press reported. “The crack did not penetrate the vessel head, and there is no evidence of radiation leakage ... . The discovery did not affect the health and safety of employees or the public at the New Hill plant, federal regulators said.”

Obviously, such a flaw is unwelcome news for those of us who live within the vicinity of the plant. However, we can be grateful that officials have shut down Shearon Harris until the issue is resolved.