EDITORIAL: Belk serves as shining example

Apr. 18, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

The local Belk store has set a great example for our community.

As part of the company’s 125th anniversary celebration, volunteers from Belk stores across the South are choosing volunteer projects within their communities.

The recipient of the kindness of the local Belk volunteers was B.T. Bullock Elementary School, where on Tuesday a number of Belk employees were at the school to make a picnic table, build new bookshelves and recreate works of abstract art for the school’s art teacher to use for teaching and decorating purposes.

“It’s nice to be giving back to our local community,” said local Belk Manager Graham Spencer.

Belk worked with Points of Light, an organization specializing in volunteer service, which provided the project ideas and supplied the materials. But it was the Belk employees who graciously volunteered their labor and service.

The students and faculty at Bullock Elementary will benefit from this unsolicited kindness.

Just imagine for a moment, though, how much could be accomplished for our schools and various other agencies if more business-driven volunteer efforts were to occur?

As it is, we’re thankful the Lee County area is blessed with the countless volunteers who have already stepped to the forefront and made a difference. Consider the various nonprofits that have benefited from the kindness of others either through the donation of their time and/or contributions.

The “Getting Connected with Volunteer Lee” project (www.volunteerlee.com) spearheaded by the United Way is another tremendous effort that is under way. As the project’s website states, “Getting Connected with Volunteer Lee (GCVL) allows folks in the Lee County area to learn about services provided by organizations, as well as pair up with organizations in Lee County who are looking for volunteers or other assistance.”

Then there are the good folks at Belk. Thank you to the volunteers for helping to polish the place we call home — and in doing do demonstrating true community spirit.

Here’s a challenge to businesses and individuals alike — make an effort to volunteer. Choose a good community cause and get behind it. Rally your business and friends to join in the effort.

Every effort, and every volunteer, helps to improve our community.