EDITORIAL: Spelling bee showcases academic superstars

Feb. 16, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

The accomplishments of our student athletes often receive public recognition — and for good reason. There are numerous competitions that allow these athletes to demonstrate their abilities.

That’s not so often the case for the academic side. So whenever those opportunities present themselves, it’s great when our students can showcase their academic skills.

Such was the case several weeks ago, when the annual Lee County Quiz Bowl was held. Four of our county’s high schools — Lee Christian, Lee Early College, Lee County and Southern Lee — entered teams to participate in the event. The Southern Lee team came away victorious, with Lee Christian finishing just behind the winners.

Actually, all of the teams and their participants were winners for participating in the challenging event.

Today, another wonderful academic program will take center stage as 30 spellers from our public elementary and middle schools will take part in the annual Lee County spelling bee. This event, coordinated by Lee County PAGE (Partner for the Advancement of Gifted Education), and sponsored by The Herald, will begin at 1 p.m. at McLeod Auditorium on the Lee County High School campus.

There will be three spellers from each school. Of the 30 spellers to participate, nine are returnees from last year’s event. Hunter Randolph from SanLee Middle School is the returning two-time champion.

The rewards are great, as the winner not only gets to claim the Lee County spelling bee title, but also has an opportunity to participate in the national Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

If you think this is an easy competition, think again.

Consider these winning words on the national level over the last 10 years — pococurante, autochthonous, appoggiatura, Ursprache, serrefine, guerdon, Laodicean, stromuhr, cymotrichous and guetapens.


So, to all of our county spellers, best wishes and good luck today. Show your support for our young people and come out to McLeod Auditorium to watch them shine.