EDITORIAL: Sanford is blessed to have 'Mother Gorham'

Feb. 05, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Helen Gorham is a woman of faith, a woman whose love for God has helped her to spread a message of peace and harmony.

Known to many as Mother Gorham, she has packed a lot of living in her 87 years. She is quick to share her faith of her God. She's well known around Sanford for her service and her beliefs — and for her wisdom. In a story in celebration of Black History Month, Gorham shared some insightful thoughts, including:

* "What little things you do — if you do it from the bottom of your heart — it means as much as the big things."

* "There ain't going to be a white hell and a black hell. ... God made people how he wanted. Just because I'm a difference race, and so you treat me different, that's just stupid. That's stupid. Color don't matter to the Lord."

* "If I can't love and treat you right here (on Earth), how am I going to get into Heaven?"

Mrs. Gorham has made many friends here in Sanford. Among them is Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter, who says of Mrs. Gorham, "She's just always been a friend, and she's very sincere. She tells you she'll pray for you, and she does. She's just a prayer warrior, and I appreciate that because I need all the prayers I can get."

Former Sanford Mayor Cornelia Olive once received a prayer angel from Mrs. Gorham, which she recently passed on to her 8-year-old granddaughter.

"The last time I saw Sister Gorham, I told her that story, about how my granddaughter was so taken with it and I was glad it could go another generation."

Lee County Commissioner Jim Womack even chimed in with his thoughts of Mrs. Gorham on The Herald's website, calling her a "true saint." He noted that Gorham and her late husband, the Rev. William Gorham, "were dear friends and supporters of the Lee County Men of Prayer for many years."

Mr. Womack said of Mrs. Gorham, "She truly loves Sanford and has helped many others turn their lives around through her good works."

He closed by saying that God has a special place for Helen Gorham among his many mansions in Heaven — right alongside her wonderful husband. We agree.

Thank you, Mrs. Gorham, for your many faithful years of service to this community. Your love and compassion has touched many lives. We're grateful that you and your husband settled in Sanford, where your work for your God has been an inspiration.