LETTER: Innocent until proven guilty

Jun. 06, 2014 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Let me start by stating that the following comments are mine and do not represent those of the Lee County Board of Commissioners. I must say it is a wonderful thing to see oneself tried, convicted and hung in the court of public opinion as was done in the recent Sanford Herald editorial.

It is truly amazing that in a nation where one is innocent until proven guilty, a supposed paragon of the First Amendment would violate such a time-honored custom of American jurisprudence.

Somehow the editorial board seems to believe that all the allegations made by the plaintiff were factual, accurate and true to the letter of the law. Let us speculate another approach to the court of public opinion that The Herald editorial board chose to ignore.

Perhaps it would come out during discovery that Mr. [Jay] Calendine was plotting, planning and conniving to create the confrontation at the gate of Carolina Trace.

Perhaps his subpoenaed phone records would reveal the extent of his collaborations and collusion jeopardizing a certain public official of the same political affiliation as Mr. Calendine.

Perhaps witnesses presented under oath would show Mr. Calendine attempting to run through the gate of Carolina Trace without stopping.

Perhaps the progressive powers in Lee County saw the expense to the taxpayers as a responsibility they were not willing to take as they attempted to score political points.

Perhaps the trial would expose the nativism that exists in Lee County and the disdain that some of Lee County’s self-proclaimed “natives” have toward those living in Carolina Trace.

In the meantime Mr. Calendine will thump his chest, as well as proclaim victory in that he will not have to endure closer scrutiny — and thus expose the truth.

As always, I shall remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Kirk D. Smith