LETTER: Didn’t Martin also have the right to self-defense?

Aug. 07, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

I, nor anyone, can have any idea of what was in George Zimmerman’s mind and heart when he decided to go against instructions and continue to follow Mr. [Trayvon] Martin. I will concede that Zimmerman probably is not an overt racist — but he did profile Martin.

Kirk Smith [Letter to the Editor, July 24 Herald] seems to lament the fact that the trial of George Zimmerman was an attempt to take away his “right” of self-defense. My question is: Didn’t Trayvon Martin have the right of self-defense against someone who is stalking him? Or, do we really have an off-the-books crime called “walking while black”?

Martin may have ended up besting Zimmerman in a fight, but the Castle Doctrine should not play any role in this affair. This incident was strictly a wanna-be cop with a carry permit and a “stand your ground” defense.

This law gives open season on anyone in states with such laws if you do not carry a weapon to defend yourself against those who now think they are tough guys because they spent a few bucks and bought a gun.

Neil Rotter